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Warren London

Detangling Strong Comb

Detangling Strong Comb

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Warren London's 10 inch Detangling Strong Comb is designed to conquer the most stubborn tangles and mats in your beloved pet's coat. Combining ergonomic design with dense and coarse bristles, this comb offers unmatched strength, comfort, and efficiency in maintaining your pet's beautiful fur.

  • DESIGN - The thick aluminum ergonomic grip with stainless steel teeth puts your comfort and control at the forefront. The thoughtfully shaped handle fits perfectly in your hand, providing a secure and comfortable grip that minimizes hand fatigue during extended grooming sessions.
  • DURABILITY - The aluminum core and stainless steel bristles used in its' construction are chosen for their strength and longevity, allowing the comb to withstand the rigors of regular grooming.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS - Experience the ease and efficiency of this exceptional tool as it effortlessly detangles and smooths your pet's coat, keeping them looking and feeling their absolute best.
  • COMFORTABLE & SAFE: The comb's rounded pin ends are safe and easy on your pet's skin, preventing snagging of the fur.
  • GROOMING - The dense arrangement of bristles on the comb allow for thorough grooming; efficiently capturing loose hair, debris, and tangles with each stroke. The coarse texture of the bristles aid in breaking up mats and tangles, gently working through the coat without causing discomfort or pain for your pet.
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