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Warren London is proud to be mentioned in many media outlets. Below you will see a list of some of our featured TV appearances, articles, press releases, ads and other mentions.

Warren London TV Appearances

Fox Morning News - Featuring Jorge Bendersky and Warren London


Atlanta Morning Show - Featuring Critter Color

Marilyn Denis Show - Featuring Polish Pens

Barkleigh Honors Awards - Best New Product of The Year 2012 - Warren London Polish Pens

ABC NEWS NY - Featured with D Pet Hotels - August 2012

Martha Stewart Show - Hallmark Channel - Nov 2011

Fox and Friends - December 9th 2011

CBS News Atlanta - (2:00 mark) December 5th 2011

NJ News 12 - (2:00 mark) Pet Expert Dara Foster - Nov 27 2011

CBS News Featuring Warren London - September 2011


Warren London Appearances

Groupon - December 2012

Warren London Groupon - November 2012

Bark Box - March 2012

Bark Box with Warren London


Warren London Magazine Features

Vogue - Feb 2015

Towson University Almuni Magazine - April 2013

Towson Alum Eric Bittman

Vivax Magazine - January 2013 - Italy

Vivax magazine warren london

In Style Magazine - November 2012


National Examiner - September 2012 - Polish Pens

National Examiner

Pet Age Magazine 2012 - Top Grooming Products

Pet Age Magazine with Warren London


Pup Culture - November

Pup Culture Magazine with Warren London

Warren London in Dog Fancy - January 2012

Dog Fancy Magazine with Warren London

Groomer to Groomer - December 2011

Groomer to Groomer with Warren London

Warren London on - November 28, 2011

Martha Stewart with Warren London

Pet Product News with Warren London

Southern Seasons - December 2011

Seasons Magazine with Warren London

Animal Radio - September 2011 - Superzoo - Warren London Product Review

Animal Radio

YHC Magazine - September 2011


Pet Business - August 2011

Pet Business Magazine with Warren London

ChasinPets.Com - August 2011

Chasin Pets - July 2011

All Pet News with Warren London

Groomer To Groomer - April 2011

Groomer to Groomer featuring Warren LOndon

The Towerlight - February 2011

The Towerlight with Warren London

Todayz Pets - March 2011

Todayz Pets with Warren London

Pet Business Online - March 2011

Pet Business Magazine with Warren London

Grooming Business Online - March 2011

Grooming Business Magazine with Warren London

Warren London Commercial
See Warren London on Martha Stewart!