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Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial For Dogs warren london dog products
Warren London

Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial For Dogs


Warren London - Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial - 8oz - Tearless Wash that Cleans, Brightens, and Removes Mouth & Eye Discharge Stains - Made In USA
    • Gentle Cleanser - Specifically formulated for pet faces to avoid irritation while cleaning daily grime and discharge stains
    • Premium Ingredients - Detergent free - Infused with Cucumber and Melon Extracts and Essential Oils - Made In USA
    • Refreshing and Radiating - Fur will feel soft and rejuvenated with long lasting but subtle Cucumber Melon scent
    • Easy Application - Pump foam solution into hand or cloth and massage into wet face
    • Luxurious Spa Treatment - The Warren London motto is "Every Dog Deserves a Spa Day" - Treat your pet to a facial!

Directions:  After wetting your dog's face, pump foaming facial into your hand or cloth. Slowly apply the products to the outer ears, face and neck.  Slowly massage into face in a circular motion for up to two minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat for best results.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, A Mild Surfactant Blend which is Detergent Free, Cucumber and Melon Extract, Essential Oils

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