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Warren London

Rope Leash - Pink

Rope Leash - Pink

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Size: 5 feet
  • Built to Last - Constructed from premium climbing-grade ropes, these leashes offer unparalleled strength while being light-weight, making them a reliable choice for any adventure you and your dog embark upon.
  • Comfortable Grip - Attention to detail extends to the ergonomic handle, providing comfort and control for the handler.
  • Perfect Length - The leash's 5 foot length is carefully calibrated to give your dog the freedom to explore while maintaining a safe distance.
  • Easy Strong Clasp - The robust, easy-to-use clip guarantees hassle-free attachment and detachment, so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors with your furry companion.
  • Warren London's Strong & Stylish Climbing Rope Leashes are crafted with precision and passion, ensuring your furry friend not only walks in safety but also steps out in style. From casual strolls to more vigorous outdoor escapades, our Climbing Rope Leashes are both tangleproof and weatherproof and is built to last.

Available in 6 variations! Rainbow - Reflective, Green - Reflective, Blue - Reflective, Pink, Red/White, and Purple

Directions: Attach leash to an appropriately installed harness or collar. Clean with dish soap and warm water.

Cautions: Inspect leashes, collars, & harnesses for signs of wear before using. Potential choking / strangle hazard for pets or children.

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