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Warren London

2 in 1 Pet Grooming Glove for Dogs & Cats - Double Sided

2 in 1 Pet Grooming Glove for Dogs & Cats - Double Sided

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  • Versatile Fur Remover Glove - Use Side 1 to groom your dog or cat, and use Side 2 to collect fur and hair from furniture, clothing, or any surface
  • Cat and Dog Grooming Brush - Works on any type of coat and all hair types, including pets with long or short hair and wet or dry fur
  • Convenient Grooming Supplies - Lightweight & durable dog and cat brush features an adjustable wristband and soft inner layer so that it is comfortable and easy to wear. One size fits all
  • Reversible Bathing Tools - Use the Pet Grooming Glove in either hand for washing your pet, or for convenient fur removal from clothes and furniture
  • Safe and Effective Pet Bath Brush - Shedding glove and scrubber with soft silicone tips allow for the gentle cleaning of pets from head to tail 

Directions: Gently brush hair in direction of the hair growth without using excess force. Use smooth side of glove to remove excess hair from pet, furniture, and clothes.

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