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Warren London

Cool Cat Comb

Cool Cat Comb

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Warren London 7.5" Cool Copper Cat Comb, expertly crafted with rounded tips and a dual arrangement of coarse and dense teeth, ensuring gentle yet effective grooming for your feline companion's coat. Enhanced with copper features for added hygiene and durability.

  • Gentle Grooming Precision: Rounded tips ensure a gentle grooming experience, preventing skin irritation while providing precise grooming control.
  • Durable Copper Construction: Crafted from high-quality copper, this comb offers durability and rust-resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance for regular grooming sessions.
  • Versatile Grooming: Suitable for all fur types and lengths, this comb adapts to your cat's grooming needs, from daily maintenance to targeted grooming of problem areas.
  • Effective De-Shedding: Strategically designed teeth efficiently remove loose fur and minimize shedding, promoting a healthier coat and reducing allergens in your home.
  • Dual-Action Comb: Featuring both coarse and dense arrangements, this comb tackles knots, mats, and tangles effortlessly, leaving your cat's coat smooth and well-groomed.
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