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Warren London

Cat Dry Shampoo - Citrus

Cat Dry Shampoo - Citrus

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Size: 8oz

  • Convenient Cat Spray Wash - This cat waterless shampoo spray is a quick and easy way to clean on the go! Simply apply the pet dry shampoo to keep your pet clean in between baths!
  • Cleansing & Deodorizing Spray For Cats - The Mild Citrus Scent Dry Cat Shampoo neutralizes odor to make this a great Dry Shampoo for Cats Odor Control. Great for dander control.
  • Refresh & Prevent Skin Irritation - The coconut base cleans and soothes, while the added neem oil helps combat irritants.
  • Easy To Use- Simply spray on, leave in, and dry! It is called no rinse waterless cat shampoo because it does not require a rinse. Maintain cleanliness with this waterless cat bath!
  • Made in the USA - Our Dry Cat Shampoo is professionally formulated by Top Groomers. Contains no Soap, Detergents, or Parabens - This product is Cruelty Free

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Coconut Shampoo Base, Neem Oil

Directions: Lightly spray the affected areas and let it soak in the coat for up to a minute. With a clean towel, you can dry the area as well as letting it air dry. Repeat for tougher spots or sections to clean. Shake well.

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