Matt Kanter -  New York, NY - "Warren London does it again! The Grapeseed Oil Paw Moisturizer worked great on Jet's paws which were dried out from the cold winter."

Danielle C. - Los Angeles, CA - "I love The Warren London Ultra Sheer Fur Butter for my French Bulldog Louis! It works great on his skin..I even put some on his nose when it's dry. Great product!!!"

Diana D - St. Louis, MO - "Sprayed the milk and honey fragrance on Molly and she smells better already!! Did not think that was possible!!!"

This is Jax, previously posted as a bumble bee, he said it was hard to see his toes so he wanted a picture with his ear cleaner and shampoo. He is from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He loves Warren London products from head to toe (literally) and he is laughing in this picture because Beamer (my boston terrier) ran away and hid when he saw me pull out the shampoo. Jax loves his baths, Beamer not so much. :)

Katy C. - Tampa Bay, FL - "Warren London's 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect way to wash up our pup, Buster! He's a big boy and hates bath time, but after taking a swim through our pond, we have to get him washed up. The 2-in-1 makes it a simple one-step process and keeps his coat looking beautiful and smelling great!"

a boxer puppy

Mikayla - Brooklyn, NY - "My Pug Annie LOVES the nail polish.  We had her nails painted with Warren london's nail polish pens and they were so easy to use and they have already lasted over a week an a half.  I can't wait to try the new neon colors!"

Diana Terry - Puyallup, WA "I wanted to let you know that Merrilee Burgess and I love your products.  We have used both the Ooh-La Lavender and the Oatmeal shampoos followed by the Hydrating Butter, Pomegranate/Acai on our Boston Terrier Apache(Oui Believe In Magic).  Recently at the Rose City Classic he looked great after your products.  The shampoos leave him soft and the hydrating butter gives him a great shine without being greasy.  He was a "Rockstar" and received Best of Breed on Thursday finishing his championship.  On sunday he got his first Select major points.  Thanks so much for the wonderful products!"

This is Gemma from San Diego. She loves getting her nails done with your nail polish. They are easy to use and dry real fast. I have tried a number of your products and love all of them. It's a spa for my dog every time she gets a bath :)

Daisy Mae loves her Hydrating Butter. It makes her coat so soft and shiny. It also makes her smell good for days after. Every winter she has trouble with dandruff but since I started using the Hydrating Butter her dandruff has went away. Jessica and Daisy from Marquette MI

This is Sammy & Luna and they love getting their paws cleaned with their 'Paw Fizz Tablets'. The white tea tree oil in the tablets feels and smells amazing! Their paws are squeaky clean and soft after their 'paw treatment' ;) 
My name is Silvia and we live in sunny San Diego CA.

Reposting Gypsys picture so its not blurry! Sorry! Gypsy is a APBT and is from roseville, CA. She loves her hydrating butter because it helps her with her super dry elbows!


Ch. TaylorMade's My Deer Angel Eyes, Arielle, loves her Lavender shampoo and After Bath Spray Warren London products which keep her looking lovely even with her new shorter poodle hair style and top knot!

Molly enjoys her Warren London shampoo /conditioner , then getting her cucumber melon facial also from Warren London. They make her feel fresh and pretty.


Gypsy loves her hydrating butter because it helps her really dry elbows!


Jax is from Winnipeg, MB and he had his nails painted black with a silver stripe to go with his bumble bee costume for Halloween. He loves Warren London products because they are so gentle on his delicate skin and easy to use! Dries so quickly!

This is Mia from Mobile, AL! Mia loves getting her nails painted, and pink is the perfect color! The polish lasted longer than I had expected! I love your company, fast shipping and great product!


I love Warren London! The customer service is great! I once messed up my order by missing a buy two get one free special and emailed customer service and they added it to my order no questions asked! Most companies wouldn't do that! The wrapping is so pretty as well! As soon as I opened it my foxshund Daisy had to check it out!