What Type of Doghouse Does Your Pet Need?

Not all dogs need a doghouse, but if your pet is going to spend a lot of time outdoors, he needs a little protection from the weather. There are many different types of doghouses, ranging from the extremely plain and utilitarian to the elaborate and fancy. Depending on the type of doghouse you choose, you may be able to build it yourself, or you may have to purchase it ready-made. When choosing a doghouse for your pet, there are many things you have to take into consideration. Size is probably the most obvious, but you also have to consider your dog's habits, your climate, and the materials from which the doghouse is made.

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Plastic Dog House

If you prefer to buy a dog house rather than build one and are not looking to spend a lot of money because you are saving for insurance quotes, a plastic doghouse may be a good choice, at least in the short term. However, these houses do not necessarily make good long-term options because the plastic material may release harmful chemicals. Plastic does not always provide adequate protection from temperature extremes, although it may work fairly well in a mild climate. You may want to try another doghouse for home and save the plastic doghouse for traveling.


Single-Panel Flat or Sloped Roof

This type of doghouse does not have a peaked roof. Rather, the roof is a single panel, which may either be flat or built at an angle. If you live in a wet location, a sloped roof may be preferable because water is less likely to collect on it. This is also one of the easiest dog houses to build, which can be advantageous if you want to save money with a homemade doghouse but are not confident in your building skills.


Gable Roof

This is probably what most people think of when they hear the word "doghouse" because its peaked roof is one of the most common dog house designs. Nevertheless, this style does have its disadvantages. It has to be properly ventilated or it will become too hot in the summer, yet it doesn't hold heat in winter. A gable-roof doghouse is not very efficient as the peaked roof creates a lot of wasted space.


Loft Roof

Some dogs like to get up high for a better look at the world around them. A loft roof doghouse offers these dogs options. The roof is completely flat, and there is a ramp or some stairs allowing her to climb up on the top level. Otherwise, it is a regular doghouse, and your pet can choose whether to take a nap inside or climb up on top.


Kennel-Doghouse Combination

Some dogs don't like to retreat from the world very often. They prefer to engage with the outdoors. A doghouse combined with a kennel indulges these dogs' preferences while offering a more enclosed area where your pet can retreat when the weather becomes harsh. These dog houses provide extra room compared to other types, so they may be especially good for large-breed dogs or multiple pets.


Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof is similar in shape to a gable roof except that instead of forming a sharp angle, the roof is more of a curve. This provides a dog with more space and makes the doghouse good for hot climates. It also makes the doghouse resemble a miniature barn, which can be played up with decoration to adorable effect. This type of doghouse is more difficult to build, though. If the look appeals to you but you're not too handy, you may want to buy it instead.

There are also fancy custom-made dog houses that are almost as elaborate as a human dwelling. Before you get too carried away, however, keep in mind that this structure is primarily for your dog's benefit. It is fine to have a cute custom dog house that looks like
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