Top Reasons to Buy a Dog or New Puppy from a Breeder

Adding a new family member is always a good thing. Some people do this by getting a dog. This can be an adult or a puppy.

Many people prefer to get a purebred puppy when the time comes, and there are several options available. The next challenge is deciding where to get your puppy. Do you want to visit a private rescue group, a shelter, or a reputable breeder?

With rescue groups and shelters, it is common to find more adult purebreds and mixed-breed puppies. Breeders, on the other hand, usually have what you need. They dedicate themselves to raising dogs that are healthy with a great temperament. 


When you need to find a breeder, you must first get in touch with the national breed club. You can then make some inquiries and get breeder referrals for the dog breed you want. There are several benefits of buying your dog from a breeder, and these are some of the reasons:

Breeders Provide Expert Guidance

A reputable breeder is the right person to get information on a breed you do not know on. They can help assess your family and lifestyle to determine if the breed is an excellent fit. If they learn that the breed isn't an excellent match for your family, they will not force you to get it.

Most reputable breeders don’t focus on making sales as a priority. They want a situation where both you and the puppy will be happy.

Excellent Record of the History

One of the great things about buying a dog from a breeder is that you will know the history of your puppy. Many excellent, responsible dog breeders make it a habit to do their research on the dogs they breed according to MyDogsTopReviews. This includes tracing its relatives from previous generations.

This is a step that makes it possible for them to match the dogs excellently to get good breed representation and healthy puppies.

You Get a Health Guarantee

No one likes to see their dogs fall sick, and many breeders understand this concern. In addition to providing healthy dogs, reputable breeders also offer a health guarantee on the dogs. This means that you can get a replacement puppy, a portion of the treatment expense, or a full refund on the cost of the puppy from the breeder.

You can benefit from any of these if the puppy develops any sickness or disease that the guarantee covers.

You Get the Best Puppy for Your Family

As an individual, it is almost impossible to guess what puppy will be laid back, high energy, mellow, or assertive when it grows. This is why dog breeders are essential. They have in-depth knowledge of the breed, and they know the dogs they raise.

With this knowledge and expertise, they do an excellent job picking out the best puppy for your family.

Expert Help for Life

The care and love responsible breeders have for their puppies don't end after a sale – it is lifelong. This means you can reach out to them anytime you need their help. In most cases, the breeders encourage you to keep in touch.

This will allow them to provide help on various issues in the future. You can get tips and information on training, behavior, grooming, health, and nutrition from your breeder.

There is Always a Home for the Puppy

Certain situations in life often make it impossible to keep the dog you cherish so much. Some people choose to take these dogs to an animal shelter when such circumstances come around. If you buy a puppy from a breeder, then your dog will always have a home.

If you are struggling with a job loss, divorce, or health challenges, then your breeder can help you out while you sort your life. Most responsible breeders hate the idea of their dogs going to a shelter or roaming the streets. This is a significant reason why they will always take in the dog regardless of its age.

You Can Meet the Puppy’s Relatives

Meeting the parents and other relatives of your puppy usually give you an idea of what to expect when the puppy is older. Buying from a responsible breeder opens up this possibility. In most cases, the female (the dam) will be on the premises, and you can meet her.

Sometimes, the male (the sire) may not be on the premises. Nonetheless, the breeder will provide images, videos, and other information on the sire.

You’ll Have an Excellent Example of the Dog Breed

Every dog breed has a breed standard. This standard describes the temperamental and physical characteristics of an ideal dog of the breed. Other details you can find in this standard includes:

  • Weight
  • Coat length
  • Eye shape
  • Color
  • Gait
  • Height
  • Shoulder layback

All reputable dog breeders stick to the breed standards when breeding dogs. The role of the breed standard is to ensure that every dog remains capable of performing its primary job. This can be guarding the home, livestock herding, or hunting.

The standard achieves its goals by ensuring dog breeds don’t deviate from their roots. The details of the standard are for both appearances and characteristics.

Health Background of Relatives

There are genetic diseases that are common in certain dog breeds. Various breeds have different diseases that affect them. An excellent dog breeder will know about the diseases that affect their dog breed.

Also, they will do their best to produce only healthy dogs. To do this, they engage in health testing on their dogs. This is essential in identifying dogs with faulty genes.

Once they identify these dogs, they avoid using them when breeding to prevent these genes from being passed on. This reduces the risk of a puppy developing any form of disorder due to its genetics.


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