Top 5 Ways To Throw Party For Your Dog's Birthday

We all know that dogs are family. And family members’ birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Dog birthdays are extra special because one year equals seven, so there’s every reason to go all out. And the best thing about a dog's birthday is that it will always be a surprise party because, let’s face it, dogs don’t know how to follow the calendar.

dog birthday party

It’s fun to take one day out of the year and pamper your pooch to the point that he’ll think he’s died and gone to doggy heaven. So, round up all the party pups in your ‘hood; get festive, and throw a bash for the ages that will be talked about at the dog park for years to come. A bonus is that dogs require an escort, so it’s essentially going to be a secret human party as well, and your dog will be none the wiser.

Here are five great tips for hosting a soiree that will make your fur-baby the lord of dog-town.

1.   Venue

First things first, you’re going to need an epic venue for all the escapades to go down. Depending on when your pet’s birthday falls, weather can be a factor. If you’re lucky enough to land on a summer date, there are many outdoor options available. Think dog-friendly park with public grills for a classic cook-out. If you have a big enough backyard, you can keep the party at home, which will be convenient when it comes to party favors and food.

Another great option is a dog-friendly pub. But do reserve an entire section, so the four-leggers have plenty of room to mingle. Wherever the venue, make sure the humans can imbibe with a nice cocktail or glass of viognier wine.

dogs at the beach


2.   Theme

If a party doesn’t have a theme, is it even a party at all? Make it a memorable event by asking your friends to get their canines into character. There are endless motifs to be explored here – get creative. How about a Coachella theme? Have all the pooches dress like glitter fairies in tutus. No? What about a doggy rave?

You could host a backyard evening bash and adorn the dogs with glow-in-the-dark necklaces or collars. Or maybe your dog is really into PAW Patrol. All the guests could dress as their favorite cartoon personalities. As you can see, there are endless possibilities to inject some serious fun into the occasion.

dog party


3.   Decorations

Spare no expense on the decorations. Okay, they don’t have to be expensive, and you can probably find everything you need at your local dollar store. But the point is to go all out. Whichever venue you decide on, be sure to dazzle it up with balloons, streamers, and plenty of plush puppy toys. Aside from a dollar store, you can find decorations at pet stores, the mall, and of course, online. Just give yourself a little bit of time for delivery, and you’re good to go.

4.   Food

We’ve reached the most crucial part of the party, and to be honest, the only thing your dog and his guests will even care about. Many dogs have diet restrictions, so it might be a good idea to consult with your guests’ owners to see what kind of food they can eat. If you spoil your dog with human food now and again, this would be the time to blow his mind with a nice steak for dinner.

Make sure to load up on doggy treats to keep the party patrons satisfied throughout the day. And don’t forget about the most important part – the birthday cake. There are specialty shops and even dog bakeries (that's a thing) that will be more than willing to accommodate you with a dog-friendly dessert. 


5.   Games

Do you know who loves to play? Dogs. So, don’t forget to include ample activities to keep your esteemed guests stimulated. This could be as simple as a ball-fetching machine or as elaborate as a doggy obstacle course. A scavenger hunt is a sure-fire way to delight. Just hide treats throughout your yard, and may the dog with the best nose win. Some dogs adore balloons, so be sure to have some around and be entertained watching them freak out when they accidentally pop one.


Who could have imagined that throwing a puppy party could be this much fun? Whether you’re new, celebrating the year of the dog, or an old hat, hopefully, this list will provide you with some inspiration for the next time your furball celebrates another spin around the sun. Just remember to give yourself a little bit of planning time, and your party’s sure to be a hit. Get creative and have fun with it. Everyone loves an excuse to party, and this is just one more reason to bring humans and hound together. Just don’t forget to give
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