Tips to Afford Getting a Dog

Bringing a furry bundle of joy into your home will enhance your quality of life considerably. You’ll have awesome companionship, and you’ll be sure to have lots of fun with your new four legged family member. However, there’s some considerable time and expense that goes into caring for a dog. You need to give some careful thought to the commitment that you’re making, and you need to strategize about how to make it affordable. Nevertheless, even if you have a somewhat limited budget for pet care, you can still make your dream of dog ownership a reality. Here are some tips on how you can afford to get a dog.

Adopt a Dog

There are hundreds if not thousands of dogs near you that desperately need a good home. Rather than pay a lot of money to a pet store or an individual who may not necessarily use ethical breeding practices, consider adopting a dog at a local shelter, humane society, or rescue society.


Typically, animal control will have the most affordable fees to adopt. A rescue organization may charge a few hundred dollars, but you can feel good about knowing that your contribution will go towards helping animals in need.

Reduce Your Monthly Household Expenses

Caring for a dog won’t put a huge demand on your current budget, but you have to factor in several different costs. You’ll have to buy some supplies just once, and there are other things such as food and maybe medicine that you’ll have to buy on an ongoing basis. You also need to consider that your energy usage may go up a little. For example, you’ll need to make sure your home is a comfortable temperature at all times. Whereas you may usually totally shut off your heating or cooling when you leave the house, you’ll have to leave your system running at a reasonable setting if you have to leave your dog home alone.

Installing a renewable energy source can lower or even eliminate your electric bills, and it can also add to your home’s value. If you need help from solar installers Cary NC, look for a local company that can offer you a competitive estimate.

Get Pet Insurance

Medical care may be one of the more significant expenses involved with taking care of a dog. Even routine preventative care for a healthy pet can be a little costly.

Pet insurance can make the cost of medical care more affordable and predictable. It will be an ongoing monthly expense, but it can spare you from having to pay the full amount for treating an acute issue or episodic condition. Look for an affordable pet insurance plan or ask a local veterinarian for a recommendation. If there’s a specific veterinarian who you’d like to see, make sure that he or she accepts a plan before you buy it.

Have Supplies Delivered

Getting the things that you need for your dog delivered right to your door is really convenient. It gives you the freedom to do some shopping when it’s easiest on your schedule, and it prevents unnecessary errands. You may be able to stock up for savings on pet supplies by shopping online. A lot of online retailers offer better pricing than supermarkets on pet care essentials such as food and treats. Look for sale prices and coupon codes when you make orders. If an online retailer has a minimum purchase amount for free shipping, try to stock up on things that you know that you’ll use eventually so you can avoid delivery fees.

You might also find some additional savings with subscribe and save offers. With this option, you can set up a regular shipment of food every month or so and get an additional percentage off your order total.


Plan smartly about how to pay for the things that your new dog will need. With a little careful budgeting and a lot of love, you can give a wonderful dog a great home. 

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