Tips For Calming Down Older Dogs

It can be difficult to calm down older dogs. Your pet might be naturally anxious and have a tendency to act up every time you leave, they might be worried when it is thundering outside, or they could be losing their sense of hearing or sight, making them more nervous than normal. It's still possible to have a calm and peaceful life with your older dog, it just might take a little bit of extra work. Check out these suggestions to help your pet live a more comfortable life. 


Give Them a Stuffed Toy

Sometimes having a favorite familiar toy can work wonders in helping your pet to calm down. Make sure your pet has their favorite stuffed toy nearby, or a ball, squeaky, or some other type of dog toy they enjoy playing with on a regular basis. Having a toy nearby can help them feel calm, relaxed, and give them something to do, like chew or nest. Make sure to replace the toy when it becomes worn through. Try to stick with the same type of dog toy, when possible, to make things easier for your pet. 


Consider the Benefits of CBD

CBD has helped many humans overcome anxiety, and it can work wonders on dogs, too. CBD is derived from the hemp plant. It gives both individuals and animals the benefit of relaxing without the feeling of being high and possibly paranoid. CBD comes in different dosages, so it is important to find out what is the best strength for your dog. A good rule of thumb is to start out small and gradually increase if necessary when using CBD for dogs. Make sure to talk with your veterinarian to find out if this is right for your pet. 


Make Sure They Are Comfortable Before You Leave

Before you have to leave for any length of time, it helps to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible. Take them out to go potty, make sure they are fed, and check to see if they have comfort items nearby before you leave, such as a toy or blanket. These little tasks might not sound like much, but they can make a big difference in helping to keep your dog as relaxed and calm as possible, and help them feel reassured that you will return. 


Give Them a Thunder Jacket

Thunder jackets have been shown to help pets feel calm during storms (hence where they got their name from) but also during times of separation. These weighted jackets are designed based on how big your pet is and how much they weigh. Once you find the right size for your dog, you securely wrap the jacket snuggly around them before you have to leave or if you think they will be in a situation where they are nervous and worried. It might take a few times for your pet to get used to the jacket, but it could be helpful in terms of reducing their anxiety. 


Put on Soothing Music 

Classical music has a calming effect not only on humans, but dogs and cats, too. Just as classical music has been helpful in lowering the heart rate in people, it can do the same in dogs, according to research. Try playing classical music for even special calming music crafted for dogs and cats when you are at home, and see how your pet reacts. This might be helpful to play when you are leaving the house or when your dog is around a situation you think might make them nervous. 


Calming down an older dog might seem challenging, but there are different ways to approach the situation. Use soothing music, and make sure they are comfortable before you leave. Check out the benefits of CBD and consider getting them a thunder jacket. A favorite toy can make all the difference in the world when trying to soothe your pet, too. 

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