The Best Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

There are a lot of easy ways that you can make a big difference in your pet’s health and happiness. Keep your pet healthy with these tips on eating nutritious and staying active.

Healthy Food and Supplements

Your pet’s diet plays a strong role in his overall well-being and how he’ll feel as he gets older. Some pets are finicky eaters, but all pet owners need to make concerted efforts to feed their pets food that offer great nutritional benefits. Overly processed food made up of fillers and unnatural additives aren’t going to be the best choice for a pet. Consider healthy and all-natural food to maximize your pet’s nutritional intake. One of the best ways to keep your pet’s diet healthy is to add a nutritional supplement to its diet. Pet owners have observed that Dr. Gary Richter supplements enhance well-being, energy, and mobility.

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Lots of Fresh Cold Water

Your pet needs to drink lots of fresh water throughout the day in order to be happy and hydrated. Having water out isn’t the same as having fresh water out. You certainly wouldn’t want to drink from the same cup of water all day long, and your pet doesn’t either. Water that has been sitting out for an extended period of time will take on a different taste. It’s especially noticeable to a dog or a cat because their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours. Ideally, you should be emptying and refilling your pet’s water bowl several times throughout a day. Also, water should be kept in a location where your pet will access it frequently. A few ice cubes may help keep it colder and fresher for longer.

Good Grooming

Brushing your pet regularly will help its skin and coat. Dogs may not like bath time, but it’s important to keep their skin free from different types of fungus or mange. Cats typically don’t need baths, but they need frequent brushing to remove excess hair. A lot of pets really enjoy being groomed by their owners. When you’ve got your brush out, let your pet show you where they especially like being brushed and spend a couple minutes helping them get those extra hard to reach places.

Exercise and Playtime

When your pet asks you for some playtime, say yes! All pet owners need to make time to play with their pets regularly. Playtime isn’t just about having fun and making your pet happy. Playing helps your pet stay active, mobile, and alert. Quality time playing together is likely your pet’s single most favorite activity. Giving them ample opportunity to do what they love with the person they most love will keep your pet feeling happy and engaged. If you notice that your pet is becoming less interested in play, either suddenly or gradually, talk to your veterinarian. Lackluster and unenthusiastic behavior may be indicative of an underlying medical problem.

Trips to the Vet

Most pets don’t like going to the veterinarian. In fact, some pets have tantrums when they realize their destination is the dreaded veterinarian’s office. Although the experience can be stressful for your pet and make you feel stressed out in turn, it’s essential to take your pet to all regularly scheduled veterinarian appointments. Likewise, at the first sign that your pet is experiencing any type of discomfort, it’s better to be proactive and get on the phone right away rather than waiting and and seeing how something plays out. You may be able to get some types of questions answered right away by your veterinarian’s staff, and they’ll be able to correctly advise you about whether you need to come in and how soon.

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, a lot of the most important elements of good caretaking are centered on being attentive and available. Keep your pet happy and healthy by paying close attention to nutrition, playtime, and medical care.  


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