The Benefits of Practicing Yoga With Your Dog

Dogs are meant to live active lives. Nowadays, it’s sad to see people not putting enough effort into their pets’ physical and mental wellness. Many dogs consume more calories than they burn by sleeping the whole day.

If you have noticed a stretching routine with your dog, it means there’s a connection between canines and yoga. After stretching, they look more relaxed and happier. Mimicking yoga practices, it is evident that yoga features most of the animal poses. So why not practice yoga with your dog?

Dog Yoga, also known as ‘Doga,’ began in the US in 2003. Since then, many people have embraced the practice because of its impact on physical and mental health. Some people prefer walking the dog to yoga practice to socialize with other dogs while others prefer doing exercises with them.

There are many Doga practices, namely; Chaturanga, chair, forward bend, heart-to-hound muntra, inner dog muntra, puppy paw muntra, savasana, and wheelbarrow. Here are a few benefits of Doga.

 dog yoga

Mental Health

Tension in the home can facilitate canine depression. Therefore, doga is part of the solution to mental healing for you and your friend. By improving their mental health, yoga with your dog has a positive impact on their life span. A routine that creates a peaceful environment adds more years to their life.


Builds your bond and closeness

Dogs are sensitive enough to connect to your chakras and feed off of your energy. They can sense your emotions. Doga strengthens the relationship between you and builds trust. Dogs also love the attention that comes with yoga practice. It makes them more obedient which in turn helps with behavioral correction and training. Yoga practice with your dog makes both parties closer than ever before.



Taking time to decompress with your dog will help both of you to relax. Doga is one of the methods of integrating breathing routines and muscle relaxation. Just like massage, you and your dog are able to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It also helps in calming down hyperactive dogs. Having your best friend with you also enlightens the attitude towards doga. Both of you will be excited to go for yoga practice.


Physical exercise

It is a form of exercise for you and your dog. It is especially more vital for obese dogs. Doga is a simple and easy way to burn calories and facilitate blood circulation. It also improves the dog’s range of motion and flexibility. Additionally, it quickens the recovery of injured dogs. Through stretching gently, muscles regain their elasticity, helping them regain their strength. Doga is also essential in the prevention of arthritis in older dogs.


It is a form of entertainment

Life can be stressful sometimes. Yoga is already a fun activity. Going with your dog for Doga will be exciting. It is always fun to include your dog in your plans during the weekend because it becomes more enjoyable. Though dogs can distract you from concentrating, including them in the exercise makes them still.



Yoga with your dog is an excellent way for both of you to socialize with new people. It is fun to do exercise with many people. This is a motivating factor for most people. Speaking of new friends, your dog also gets to play around with other dogs. You will be surprised when your dog alerts you of doga practice just because they miss their friends!


Relieves anxiety in dogs

Some dogs experience a hard time achieving ultimate relaxation. For this reason, it is worthy to invite your dog to practice yoga with you. This will help the dog interact with other dogs and practice relaxation routines. They will also get used to open spaces.


There are several ways yoga benefits both you and your dog. Therefore, carry your yoga mats and start a Doga routine as soon as possible.



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