Take Advantage of CBD Oil for Dogs - Read These 7 Tips

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dogs using cbd 

Your canine friend is a lot like you – and they can benefit from using CBD products too. While there are dog-specific CBD products and treats, they can consume the same stuff like you and get the same benefits.


CBD is a great way to treat several conditions in dogs and make their life that much more comfortable – especially if they're in pain or suffering from anxiety. CBD is one of the best supplements that your canine deserves.


Dogs are our best friends, and our best friends deserve nothing but the best we can offer. If you think your dog can benefit from using CBD, you need to know these seven essential tips. If you want to learn more about CBD for dogs, click through to see more!


1.   Proper Dosage


Dogs are generally smaller than humans. While some dog breeds are massive, they're going to react differently than humans when they ingest CBD. That is why you should know the proper dosage for your dog.


One of the best ways to determine your furry companion's right dose is by checking the internet. The CBD community is massive, and depending on your dog breed, your dog will need different doses. If the internet doesn't provide an answer – start with smaller amounts and build up from there.


2.   Consider Working With a Vet


When you're considering giving your dog CBD for any reason, it's always best to talk to your veterinarian. While CBD is not dangerous and won't harm, it's still good to discuss any supplements with your dog's designated medical professional.


A veterinarian could give you essential advice that might be specific to your dog and their unique needs. Just like humans, all dogs are different, and they might react differently to CBD.


3.   Learn the Benefits


The benefits of CBD in dogs are fantastic. CBD is by far the most natural and one of the best treatment options for anxiety and pain in dogs and could help your dog with many issues and ailments.


CBD is a viable treatment to increase your dog's appetite, promote their sleep, mood, comfort, and even help with digestive and joint pain. Just like humans – dogs have endocannabinoid systems. Stimulating the endocannabinoid system with CBD provides very similar benefits and effects.


4.   Get Dog-Specific CBD Products


Some people like CBD oil, others like CBD tinctures, but most people who use CBD oil can agree that gummies are the tastiest and most convenient ways to consume CBD oil. Like there are CBD products for people, there are dog-specific CBD products.


These products usually come in food form that's appealing to dogs. Whichever product you do wind up getting, you should remember that dogs tend to eat more than they should. If they eat too much CBD, they could experience some side effects. While your dog can't overdose on CBD – it's still best to keep their consumption in moderation.


5.   Make Feeding Easy


Dogs can be quite picky, and if your puppy doesn't want to eat CBD snacks, you'll have to get a bit tricky with your methods. One of the best ways to get your dogs to eat CBD oil is by giving them CBD infused treats.


Some dogs won't touch CBD infused treats, so you'll have to put CBD into their food. CBD has quite a strong taste, so you should pair it with another strong flavor as well, such as beef or any vegetarian alternative. Mix the right dosage with wet food if you want to ensure your dog ingests the proper amount of CBD. 


6.   Watch Out for Any Side Effects


As stated numerous times in this article, your dog cannot overdose on CBD. Even when ingested in abundance, the side effects of CBD are mild at best. Some of the side-effects that your dog might experience are:


  • Dry mouth
  • Dry nose
  • Increased shaking and tremors
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Lowered blood pressure


Most of these side effects will only occur if your furry friend has ingested too much CBD oil. If your dog seems to be showing any signs of these side effects, you should lower the dose. If the side effects are severe, contact a veterinarian immediately.


7.   Make a Journal


One of the best things you can do when giving your dog any supplement is to track their experience by making a journal. That will provide you with critical insight into how much CBD you need, and what you can tweak about the dosage.


Making a journal of your dog's CBD experiences will also be a valuable resource to your dog's veterinarian.


Final Thoughts


CBD is one of the best supplements for your four-legged companion. There are many things that CBD can do for your canine, and it could even make their life that much easier.





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