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It's a Dog's Life: What Your Dog Needs for Its Best Life

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Dog's make lives better. Whether they are snuggling with you on a three dog night, hanging out the car window, or chasing their own tails, a dog can bring a smile to the worst day. It's only fair that their owners make sure they have long and healthy lives. Dogs don't need much besides the people who love them, but there are a few things you should do to keep your dog its happiest and healthiest.   Prevent and Treat Infection It used to be that people only had to worry about parasites in the area where they lived. People...

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Active And Fit

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Obesity is the most common health threat your dog can suffer from. Even if your dog’s weight isn’t an issue, your pet needs a certain level of daily activity to remain agile and happy. Walking is always the best way to keep your dog healthy and yourself as well.   Walking outside is a way for dogs to get moving, beat boredom and enjoy a social life sniffing other dogs. Undoubtedly, there are different ways you can keep your pet active and fit. The following are five healthy, natural, and entertaining options for you to try.   Consider giving your...

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Dog's Health In 2021

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Whether you are a first-time dog owner or a seasoned puppy parent, your pet relies on you for care and safety. Part of loving your dog is keeping it healthy, and doing that means forming healthy habits for Fido and sticking to them. Here are 5 steps to ensure your dog is well and happy all year long. 1. Find a Good Veterinarian It may seem obvious, but you want to find a vet who loves animals. Pay attention to your vet’s bedside manner as well as medical competency while treating your pup.  Make and keep those once-a-year appointments for...

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit and Trim for Life

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Everyone knows that exercise and diet are essential for staying fit, and when it comes to your dog, the same is true. Unfortunately, not every dog owner has a large yard, so it's up to you to find creative ways for him to stay slender and avoid disease. The good news is that any athletic activities you implement to keep your dog slim will be fun for you, too. Below, find five healthy ways to keep your dog fit and trim for life. Monitor Your Dog's Health It's important to know that your dog is up to the challenge of...

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6 feeding tips to keep your dog healthy

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More than 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted annually, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and that number only increased in 2020 during pandemic stay-at-home orders. So many were adopted, Time magazine named Rescue Animals the 2020 Pet of the Year.   Dog adoptions made up the majority of those rescues, with millions of canines finding forever homes across the country. For new dog owners, now comes the important part: keeping those rescues healthy and happy. Owners can get a headstart by following these six healthy feeding tips: 1.   Watch What Your Dog Eats...

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