Safety Tips for Having Your Dog in Your Car with You

For many pet parents, traveling is no fun if they can’t take along their four-legged or furry friends. However, before you put your vehicle out of the driveway and depart on your trip, you need to carefully consider your pet’s safety. You also have to consider where you will be going. Some states, like Maine, Illinois, Connecticut, and Hawaii have banned drivers from driving if their pet is in their lap. Also, New Jersey has considered a law that would make it a requirement for pets to wear a seatbelt. With this in mind, it is clear you need to carefully consider how you can keep your pet safe while on the road. 

When you are looking for cheap car insurance near me there isn’t usually a stipulation for pets. This is why it is up to you to ensure their safety.

A Canine Vehicle Restraint

When your pet is in the car when you are involved in an accident, they may suffer several injuries including ruptured lungs, broken bones, and other severe trauma to different parts of their body. An unrestrained pet may also injure themselves if they try to jump down from or out of an open window while the car is moving.

You can help prevent this by using a step-in harness for your pet. This will work both in and out of your vehicle and there are options that will work for dogs ranging from just six pounds to more than 150 pounds. Be sure to measure your dog carefully to get the right size.

A Seatbelt for Small Dogs

If you have a smaller dog, usually under 25 pounds, you can install a dog seatbelt to keep them safe. You can also use this seatbelt for your cat. This will let them ride in the car without having to remain in their crate the whole time. Try to find well-made quality products designed to fit your pet properly. This will ensure that the restraint does its job.

When your pet is properly restrained, it will also help to prevent cases of distracted driving. This may result in car accidents. There was a recent study that found that, like texting and driving, having pets in the vehicle with you can prevent drivers from keeping their eyes on the road all the time, leading to an accident.

Install a Backseat Barrier

You want to ensure your pet is safe while in the vehicle, at all times, right? If that is the case, keeping them in the backseat is a must. With a backseat barrier, you have a partition that will ensure your pup or cat remains in the back seat where they are safe and that will keep you free of distractions.

Even if you have a pet that stays in a carrier, they may wind up in the front seat if you are involved in an accident. With this barrier, this situation can be prevented.

Pet Car Seat and Carrier 

These are usually designed for pets that are no more than 20 pounds. These combine a car seat and carrier, which ensures your pet remains in the seat, even close to you, but that they cannot move around freely causing harm to themselves or distracting the driver. If you choose this option, be sure your pet’s carrier is secured to the vehicle to keep it from moving or shifting in the seat.

Traveling with Your Pet Can be Safe and Fun

There is no question that you should be able to travel with your pet and you both have a safe and enjoyable time. The best way to do this is by using the tips and information found here. Being informed and knowing what will help ensure your pet is safe while in the vehicle will ensure that everyone can enjoy the travel time, regardless of where you are going or how long you are going to be on the road.


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