New Product! Doggy Dental Spray and Water Additive

Size: 8 OZ 

Warren London Doggy Dental Spray and Water Additive helps to fight Plaque, Tartar, Bad Breath and Gum Disease without brushing! This product is so easy to use and helps to keep your pups mouth looking and feeling fresh.  Our natural ingredients effectively help to remove plaque and tartar which will reduce their risk of getting oral disease.  In addition, the spray will instantly get rid of bad breath!

Directions: For best results, once a day, pull back lips and cheek and spray liberally into both sides of their mouth. We also suggest spraying 4 sprays daily into their water bowl.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Peppermint Extract, Cinnamon, Natural Honey, Cloves & Aloe Vera

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