Keeping Your Dog Healthy

You want to do everything possible to take special care of your furry family member as he gets older. Here are some simple things that you can do every day to give your dog a great quality of life and keep him healthy through the years.

Natural Food

Dog food has come a long way in the past few years. As people make concerted efforts to eat better, they want their dogs to eat better too. Dog owners have ditched over-processed food and demanded healthy food that’s made up of all-natural ingredients and free from fillers and animal byproducts that lack nutritional value. Moreover, they want to bring home food that their dogs will love. If you still need to make a switch to a healthier food, consider how an all-natural brand of food. It will add better nutritional content to your dog’s diet and make them more excited for mealtime.

Healthy Supplements

A lot of pet owners have found that supplements like nutra thrive can noticeably improve an aging dog’s energy levels. This supplement uses healthy probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes to promote good digestion while also providing vitamins and antioxidants to support wellness and mobility. It comes in a bacon-flavored powder form that can be added to any wet or dry food. Dog owners consistently observe a marked improvement in digestive regularity, shinier coats, higher energy levels, and better mobility after introducing nutritional supplements to their dog’s regular diet.

Good Treats

Are you giving your dog enough treats and rewards? Treats can make a huge impact on the overall well-being and happiness of any dog. Simply put, all dogs need treats to be their happiest. When a dog isn’t getting treats or doesn’t have the possibility of treats in his day, he simply won’t have a well-adjusted disposition. Treats make every dog more trainable, and they’re an important way of letting your dog know that they’re praised and valued. All that considered, you have to use moderation when giving your dog treats. The treats that you stock up on regularly should be low-calorie and preferably all natural. Occasional indulgent treats are ok, but his regular treat rewards should ideally offer some health benefit.

Fun Exercise

Older dogs need to stay moving in order to keep their joints healthy. It’s important to leave enough time for walks and exercise in your busy lifestyle. Take your dog for long walks that he will enjoy. Your dog loves walk time, and you should let them treat it like a mini adventure. Don’t be in a rush to keep moving or get home. Let your dog stop and check out what interests them. Go the extra distance to get to a distance where your dog can run around off-leash. Bring his favorite toy or ball for a fun game of fetch. Spend plenty of time together in the sun and fresh air to help your dog feel healthy and energized.  

Orthopedic Comfort

Your dog needs comfy spots for naps that are made to support his or her body. Consider an orthopedic bed that’s specially designed to help ease pressure on aging joints. Memory foam material and egg crate style cushioning will make your dog much comfier and help him get good-quality and uninterrupted sleep to recharge. Choose the right size bed for your dog so he won’t be spilling out of it. If he has a few favorite spots to stretch out, get more than one bed. If you have more than one furry family member and they like curling up together, look for a bed that’s large enough for both of them. 

It’s the little things you do for your dog every day that will most affect his overall health and promote longevity. You mean the world to your dog, and he shows you how much he loves you continually. In return, you show him how much you care with everything you do to make them feel healthy and content.




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