Keep Your Dog Occupied and Well-Fed

When it comes to dogs, it doesn't take much to make them happy. A walk, a short ride in the car or a treat of any kind can practically make them delirious with joy.


Providing your dog with the following innovations can keep your furry friend happy, busy and nutritionally fed even when you can't be there.

Teeth Health and Chewing Encouragement

A concern for many dog owners is keeping the teeth of their pets healthy. The alternative is potential pain for your dog, lost teeth and expensive bills for you. A way to help avoid this chain of events is to give your dog toys and treats that keep canine teeth in good shape.


Kong is a classic red and rubbery dog toy that comes in sizes X-small to XX-large so any size dog can play with one. It also comes in a purple senior dog version.


This toy is versatile because it can be used as a throw toy with human participants or as a chew toy alone. Chewing is essential for dogs because it helps clean their teeth and lessens anxiety.


To keep your dog chewing for a long time and to provide nutrition, treats can be added to the hole inside the toy. There are even many Kong recipes online for nutritious and delicious fillers.

Brain Development

Dogs can become terribly bored when they need to be left alone all day. In response to this, many new toys have been developed to keep your dog occupied.


This new type of device is called a puzzle toy. The main idea is that your dog needs to solve a puzzle to retrieve the treat hidden inside. These toys can be made of wood, like traditional puzzles, or they could be bobbing, rolling plastic containers with a hole for dispensing small treats. For dogs that aren't necessarily food-oriented, there are many fun stuffed toys that contain smaller items to find and pull out.


This kind of object not only helps keep your dog occupied but every time it is used, your pet also gets a tiny bit smarter and gains a greater sense of accomplishment. On the contrary side, boredom eats away at self-esteem and makes the brain stay at a dulled-down level.

Anxiety Reduction

There are now high-tech solutions for dogs with severe separation anxiety. Instead of wondering and worrying while you are at work all day, various high-tech devices can help your dog feel less alone while it keeps you less anxious.


In the past, there were pet and nanny cams but they were very one-sided. You could see your pet, but your animal could not see or hear you. Also, if Fido was engaging in destructive behavior or even something worse, the owner was helpless to stop it.


Now, however, there are interactive pet cameras. They can make your dog feel safe, obey your commands or even dispense treats for good behavior.

Food Dispensers

Food is very important to most dogs. In addition, many dogs have an uncanny sense of when dinnertime has arrived.

Of course, most dog owners prefer to be home at mealtime so they can feed their pet themselves and maybe even eat their own dinner at the same time. Unfortunately, sometimes owners just can't make it home for this important event in the daily life of their dog. Instead of feeling terrible and worrying that their beloved canine is getting very hungry, all they need to do is invest in an automatic dog bowl.


These bowls are pre-filled with food, and then a cover goes over the top. A timer can be set for your dog's normal mealtime. When the timer goes off, the cover moves to reveal a fresh meal. Your pet will still miss seeing you, but at least your dog won't be both lonely and hungry.


Your dog gives you a lot of love and companionship every day. Take advantage of new innovations and technologies that can make your friend's life a lot more fun when you can't be there.

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