It's a Dog's Life: What Your Dog Needs for Its Best Life

Dog's make lives better. Whether they are snuggling with you on a three dog night, hanging out the car window, or chasing their own tails, a dog can bring a smile to the worst day. It's only fair that their owners make sure they have long and healthy lives. Dogs don't need much besides the people who love them, but there are a few things you should do to keep your dog its happiest and healthiest.


Prevent and Treat Infection

It used to be that people only had to worry about parasites in the area where they lived. People in the Southwest tended not to worry about heartworm. People in the East didn't worry about Valley Fever. However, now that people often live in multiple locations and travel extensively with their pets, parasites and fungal infections have crossed traditional boundaries. No matter where you live, parasites like heartworm are waiting to attack. Heartworm can be treated, but an ounce of prevention can save your dog's life, and give him a better quality of life, than curing an existing infection which could cause permanent injury to your dog's heart and lungs. Some problems like ringworm and other fungal infections can only be treated. Seek prompt attention for your pet to ease their suffering and quickly cure mild infections.


Treat Anxiety

Many dogs experience anxiety. According to one recent study, more than 70% of dogs presented with some sort of anxiety. Just like in humans, anxiety doesn't feel good and it can result in unwanted behavior in your pet. Pacing and panting to uncontrolled barking and aggression, the symptoms of anxiety can be painful for you and your pet. Thankfully there are a couple of easy, natural fixes that treat most anxiety. Anxiety shirts for dogs provide gentle torso compression which calms many dogs without need for any additional intervention. If your dog doesn't like a shirt. or he still seems to be experiencing anxiety, consider CBD oil for dogs. CBD can provide a calming effect and just like in humans it is also an effective and natural pain reliever.


Provide Exercise

Possibly the most important and easiest way to make your dog the healthiest he can be is giving him plenty of exercise. Maintaining a healthy weight is important, but often that can be done through exercise. Very active breeds like Boxers need at least 45 minutes of intense exercise twice a day. Taking your dog to a dog park is a fun way for him to socialize with other dogs and gives you more room to play fetch. Join in yourself. Walking your dog twice a day is a great way for her to get exercise, while you stretch your legs too. This means more than a quick bathroom break. All dogs need exercise and it's also a good way to get rid of extra energy and unwanted behavior. Check in your local area for walks and hikes that are dog friendly. If you have a pool see how your dog feels about it. Larger breeds and retrievers are likely to think you've offered them heaven in the backyard. For older dogs with arthritis water therapy in the pool may be just what the veterinarian ordered.


Talk to Your Veterinarian

Speaking of what the veterinarian ordered, make sure you have a veterinarian and take your dog annually. A vet can check for those pesky parasites, prescribe you preventative medication, monitor your pet's weight, and a host of other things. In fact, you have to have a prescription for heartworm prevention medication. Some dogs have seasonal allergies just like humans. Did you know that a vet can administer allergy shots to your pooch, making springtime outside that much more pleasurable? And of course your vet will maintain the vaccinations against rabies and parvo that can save your dog's life.


Remember that your pet requires an investment, an investment of money, but more importantly of time and love.

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