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How To Care for Your Dog During Warm Weather

If you are a dog owner, then you know how important your pet's safety and happiness are. You do your utmost to keep them healthy and entertained and show them plenty of love. After all, your dog is your best friend and deserves a good life!

When summer rolls around and the days get longer and warmer, there are more opportunities to spend some quality time with your pet, but the added heat poses a few challenges and risks as well. Take a look at these tips to make sure that you are caring for your pet properly.


Keep Them Cool

Summertime is a great season for dogs. They get to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and playtime more often. However, the increase in temperature can be dangerous for them if you don't take the proper precautions.

Even though your pet's coat likely sheds during the summer months to provide some relief from the heat, they still can't remove their fur coat entirely. Think about how you would feel if you were out in the sun with a heavy layer on. 

Whenever your dog is outside, be sure that they have access to shade. They need a place to get out of the sun and recover from the heat. Choosing your recreational space carefully is a good way to help them stay cool. A shady park or forest is the perfect place for a long walk. If there is a nearby stream to play in, all the better! You may even want to consider installing a swimming pool on your property for endless fun for your pet and your entire family. Pool financing is available and nearly anyone can find an option that fits their needs. 


Offer Opportunities To Play

The longer hours of daylight and better weather will energize your dog and make them eager for plenty of playtime. Give them the opportunity to get outside and run off some steam on a regular basis.

You can toss a frisbee, go for a hike, or just enjoy being outdoors and watch your dog play. This is a wonderful way to bond with your pet and get them the exercise they need to stay strong and healthy.


Provide Lots of Water

When the weather gets hot, your dog will need even more freshwater than usual. Always keep a supply nearby that they can drink as needed. 

Have a water dish located both inside and outside at your home and take along a bottle of water and travel dish when you go for a walk or to any other location. Your dog will need to drink frequently to stay hydrated and cool. They are also more likely to be extra active when the weather is warm and require plenty of fluids to keep them going.


Keep Up With Grooming

A thick fur coat can be a detriment to your dog when it's hot outside. Regular grooming is always important, but this is especially so during the summer.

Take your dog to the groomer to get rid of the thick undercoat that grew in over the winter, or brush them often yourself. This will also keep the shedding down and reduce the amount of dog hair that accumulates on your furniture and floor.


Stay Alert for Signs of Problems

If you pay attention to your dog's needs and provide them enough water and shade, the likelihood of running into a problem is minimal, but you should still be on alert. Know the signs of dehydration and heatstroke in dogs so you're familiar with what to watch out for and when to get help.

If you notice anything off about your dog, don't hesitate. Call your vet or take your pet in for a check-up to make sure they are healthy. 

Your dog will thank you for being vigilant and proactive with their wellbeing during the summer. When they are healthy and happy the two of you can enjoy spending time together, and you can relax in knowing that your pet is well cared for.