The cannabis arena has been abuzz for a long time now. From new terms to revolutionary scientific research, from the latest products to unique benefits, there is something fresh popping up every day in the industry. The latest trend that is dominating the market today is hemp seeds. While humans are using the magical seeds for a long time, they are now giving them to their pets for therapeutic benefits.  

Are you wondering what hemp seeds are and how they can benefit your furry pal? Dive right in to know everything you must know before incorporating hemp seeds into your dog’s diet.

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What are the things you must know about hemp seeds?

As a pet parent, the most critical thing that you worry about is your dog’s diet. You might want to include the best ingredients to promote their overall well-being and prevent various health troubles. Dog food is usually abundant with all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs; sometimes, they are just not enough. You need to add supplements to their diet, especially if they have an underlying condition or getting old. Hemp seeds are emerging as a popular organic supplement for pet dogs all across the globe.

Whether you are planning to add hemp seeds to your dog’s daily life or just curious about it, here’s all you must know about it:

1.       They have numerous health benefits:

Hemp seeds or hemp hearts are technically nuts that have a mild, nutty flavor. If you’re wondering why these nuts are becoming popular for your pet dogs, it’s because of the many medicinal properties. Giving hemp seeds to your furry companion can offer the following health benefits:

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  • Boost immunity:

Hemp hearts are abundant with the necessary nutrients. Your dog can get a good amount of zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium from the seeds. They are a powerhouse of essential nutrients that can help boost their immunity. Besides that, hemp seeds have a lot of fiber content, making them good for their digestive system. You can get hemp seeds for sale to help boost your dog’s immunity. 

  • Improve skin quality:

Fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3 are essential for your dog’s skin and coat. The required ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 is 3:1, and hemp seeds have precisely that. Giving hemp seeds to your pet dog can lower the chances of skin diseases, promote a shinier coat, and reduce shedding. Your dog might also become less prone to skin allergies and stay healthy.  

  • Protect their heart:

If your dog doesn’t indulge in physical activities or is becoming obese, it can impact its heart. Hemp seeds can help keep their heart healthy and strong. The seeds are abundant with amino acids and arginine. These components dilate and relax the blood vessels to improve blood circulation to the heart and other organs. It reduces the chances of heart attack, blood pressure, and stroke.

  • Reduce inflammation:

As your dog grows older, they tend to develop common health issues like joint pain and inflammation. While you can use prescription medication to alleviate the pain, hemp seeds can work as a natural remedy. They consist of Omega-6 fatty acids, which are popular for their anti-inflammatory properties. It can help bring relief to your dog from joint pain and inflammation. If your furry companion has arthritis, hemp seeds may also benefit them. 

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2.       Hemp seeds are not psychoactive:

The seeds come from hemp plants, a species of the cannabis plant cultivated solely for industrial purposes. They are different from marijuana plants, both in terms of the cannabinoids and effects. While marijuana is abundant with the cannabinoid THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, hemp seeds do not contain any THC. It ensures that hemp seeds will not get your furry friends high, and it is entirely safe for them.


3.       Dogs can consume them directly:

Whenever you talk about hemp seeds for dogs, the first thing that pops in every pet parent’s head is whether they can give it to their pet or not. Just like you, your dog can consume hemp seeds directly to enjoy its benefits. The seeds are entirely edible and also abundant with many nutrients. It not only acts as a natural supplement but can also help enhance your dog’s well-being. You can either directly give the seeds to your pet or add them to the dog food. Given the recent popularity, you may even find pet food or treats infused with hemp seeds. If not, you can always make treats using hemp seeds at home. Make sure you start giving them a small dosage of hemp seeds, observe the effects, and slowly increase the amount of the seeds if the need arises. 

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Final thoughts

Hemp seeds are often called a ‘superfood,’ and it is for all the right reasons. From containing essential nutrients to offering therapeutic benefits, hemp seeds can help transform your pet’s life. Whether you want to reduce inflammation or just promote their overall health, hemp seeds can be the right addition to your dog’s daily diet!