Becoming a Successful Dog Breeder

Dog breeding can be a lucrative business but first, you'll need to do research. Once you've done your homework, though, you can run a successful business from home and have fun doing it.


The Business Part

You may have loved and owned dogs your whole life. Turning that into a career, though, will take some education and work. Unless you have a business degree or have owned a different kind of business before, you might consider taking an online course.

Closing the deal will be one of the important things you'll need to know about so learn about so brush up on

sales closing techniques. In theory, you will be competing with many other dog breeders, either online or locally. Chances are that your potential customers have looked at the puppies on other breeders' sites and have also communicated with them.

Having people contact you is encouraging but until they actually sign a contract and release funds to you, your end goal hasn't been accomplished. You will need to keep on top of what others are offering and charging and try to offer a perk the others don't have.


The Website Part

To get the exposure you want, you will need your own website. If you're having a hard time thinking of a name for your business and its website, try a business name generator.

Once you have chosen and secured your website, you will also need to register that name so no other business can decide to use it. You should be able to find all of the forms to do this online.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) Part

The American Kennel Club also has resources for potential dog breeders. It's always better to have their backing and authority. They are the biggest name in the world of dogs and they are known for being professional and responsible.

Before you start your business, either obtain male and female dogs that are registered with the AKC or make sure the dogs you already own are registered. Another thing that really impresses potential customers and allows you to charge more for puppies, is to show your dogs. 

You can learn how to do that yourself or hire a professional trainer to show them. Even if they never win a medal, just the fact that they are well-trained and good-looking enough to be able to compete will mean a lot to prospective buyers.


The Dog Part

Your day-to-day routine is worth thinking about before you make the decision to become a professional breeder. You may love your dog but they are your pet. The dogs you choose to breed may or may not ever become as friendly with you. 

Typically, the dog breeding operation is not in the actual home, but in a separate kennel on your property. The parent dogs will live there and the matings and births will also happen there. It has to be warm and comfortable so come up with some plans and hire a construction company if you can't do the work yourself.

It may seem at first that the dogs do everything and you get the profits, but it could be harder work than you think. You will need to walk the dogs several times a day, feed them and clean up after them. 

Depending on the dog, you may have to become an expert groomer and you will definitely have to be the nurse when your females go into labor. Photography skills are important too for the website photos. Don't forget that you will need to bring the puppies into your house and start socializing them. You'll have to make sure you don't get too attached.

If all of this sounds good to you, this could be the start of a lucrative business that you can run from home. Make sure you take in all of the advice you can so there will be no disappointments or surprises, only cuteness and profits.

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