Whether you’re shopping for your mother or another special woman in your life who adores her dog, finding the perfect canine-themed Mother’s Day gift can be challenging.

Take the hassle out of shopping with these gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on her face!

dog lovers gift

Floral Arrangement

If she has a deeply affectionate breed, like a Bulldog, Collie, or Pug, chances are she loves to shower others with love. What better way for you to turn the tables and shower her with love than with a breathtaking floral arrangement?


This device might just be the gift she’s dreaming of if she’s as active as her Weimaraner, or other sporting breed. With this sleek device that goes directly on her wrist, like a traditional watch, she can track daily fitness activity, sync the device to her electronic devices, and view her daily performance directly on the screen—all while having the time of her life with her furry friend.

Sweet Treats

On the other hand, non-sporting dog breeds like Pugs, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are known for their love of treats. If the dog mom in your life is anything like her non-sporting, four-legged foodie, she'll love a decadent delivery of sweet treats like chocolate covered strawberries or gourmet cookies. (You won’t have to lift a finger to send her a tasty treat because FTD has you covered online.)

Photo Session

If that special dog mother in your life owns a Vizsla or another breed that tends to be overly attached to her owner, she more than likely takes pride in showing off her dog to others. What better way to melt her heart than by giving her and her canine companion a private photo session with an experienced pet photographer? You can also take things a step further by retrieving the images once they’re edited, and compiling a photo album that captures all of those candid moments. It’s a gift she’ll cherish forever!


Perhaps she enjoys the finer things and owns a Yorkie, English Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel or some other high-maintenance breed? If so, you can’t go wrong with jewelry as it is more than likely one of her favorites. An engraved locket with her four-legged companion’s image inside is sure to be a hit. Or you can go for more generic pet-themed jewelry, depending on your budget.

Pampering Session

Regardless of the breed she owns, there’s a chance the special pet mother in your life is worn too thin by her family, career, or other obligations and could desperately use a break. If she can find someone to cover the children, offer to take her furry friend off her hands for the weekend while she enjoys some much-needed time to herself. Schedule a mani-pedi session for her and invite her to indulge.

Dog Painting

Does she enjoy wall art? If so, snap a picture of her dog and solicit the services of a painter to recreate an image on an oversized canvas. She’ll be delighted with the outcome and eager to add a new addition to the existing collection of artwork in her home.