6 Ways to Give Your Dog's House the Ultimate Makeover

If you have a dog that spends lots of time outside, it's a good idea to give him shelter to protect him from the elements and the heat and cold. Here are 6 easy things you can do to give your best friend the outdoor palace that he deserves.

Give Easy Access to Food and Water

If you plan to leave your dog outdoors for extended periods of time, ensure that he has access to plentiful amounts of water. You should also make food accessible depending on how long you intend on keeping your pet outside. Dogs can become dehydrated very quickly, and once they lose 10%-15% of the water in their body, they can become very ill and even die. Ensure that your dog has easy access to essentials like water and food, especially if the weather is unpleasant.

Ventilate His House Adequately

Whether you are building your dog house from the ground up or simply improving upon an old one, ensure that the new version has proper ventilation so that your dog does not overheat or have trouble getting air. This can be something as simple as putting a few holes in the roof to improve air flow to something more complicated like adding windows or some type of sunroof that can be opened and closed.

Provide Power to the House

For those interested in giving their dog a more luxurious outdoor space, consider adding power to the house so that your dog can have lighting, or even a heating or cooling system. If you do not want to deal with electricity, Boston solar panels are a great and cost-effective alternative that can be used to power the house. Not only is solar power a great way to cut costs, but it is also cleaner, so you can rest easy knowing that your dog house is not harming the environment.

Raise the House off of the Ground

Though it seems totally logical to simply place the house directly on the ground, raising it a bit creates some dead air space that can be beneficial for myriad reasons. Particularly if the house is wood, having it a few inches off of the ground can keep it from rotting and can also protect from termites and other wood-eating creatures. This can also help to keep your dog cool, as air will also be able to flow under the house so there will be air movement on all sides.

Stock the House With Your Dog's Favorites

Since this house is going to be your dog's home away from home, be sure to stock it with some of his favorite things, such as toys, chews, and perhaps even a blanket that smells like you so he does not ever feel nervous or anxious when alone. Especially in the beginning, your dog may be leery of the house, so it is important that you make it feel welcoming and positive so that he associates it with happiness and is not confused and fearful.

Add a Camera

Adding a camera to the dog house, or in an area where you can view your dog when he is alone, is a great way to give you peace of mind. Some cameras even let you talk to your dog and feed him treats when you are away. This may upset and confuse some dogs, so do a trial run while you are home just in case things go south. Regardless of what camera you choose, it can be interesting and fun to see what your dog does when he is on his own.

Building or upgrading a dog house can be tricky, and you should ensure that your dog is suited for the great outdoors before you commit to something permanent. If you follow these simple tips, your dog will have an escape that he will love and you'll be better able to enjoy your outdoor time with him.


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