5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit and Trim for Life

Everyone knows that exercise and diet are essential for staying fit, and when it comes to your dog, the same is true. Unfortunately, not every dog owner has a large yard, so it's up to you to find creative ways for him to stay slender and avoid disease. The good news is that any athletic activities you implement to keep your dog slim will be fun for you, too. Below, find five healthy ways to keep your dog fit and trim for life.

Monitor Your Dog's Health

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It's important to know that your dog is up to the challenge of vigorous exercise, so talk to your veterinarian. Fill him in on your dog's activity level and he can give you advice based on your dog's age, general health and breed. Some breeds are more prone to certain aches and pains in their hips. You may want to try CBD oil for dogs for relief from discomfort and to increase joint flexibility. Always monitor your dog's health and call the vet if something doesn't seem right.

Get in Shape Together

Exercising your dog is as beneficial to you as it is for her. Most dogs jump at the chance to get outside, so convincing your pup won't be a problem. Your dog can accompany you walking, biking, running, swimming and hiking. If you live in an area that gets snow, continue your outside exercise as long as weather conditions are favorable. Dogs love snow, but never expose your dog to subzero temperatures longer than necessary. Whichever activity you choose, you and your dog will stay in great shape.

Adjust Food Portions

A dog's weight is directly related to the amount of food he eats. He'll gain weight very quickly with just a small increase in treats. Therefore, it's a good idea to reduce the number of snacks. Take a close look at the portions you're using, compared to the actual amount he needs. If you're overfeeding your furry friend, begin reducing the quantity until you're where you should be. Make sure you're using a high-quality, nutrient-dense food that's low in calories and fat.

Play Every Day

Dogs love to engage in all sorts of games and they'll get toned-up quickly when they play every day. Fetch is a classic game that every dog loves, so take advantage! Dogs will chase frisbees, balls and toys with a hidden treat inside. There are even light-up toys that you can use for playing at dusk. If you have a small yard, try to get your pooch to a wide-open spot a couple of times a week so she can run fast and far.

Find a Dog Walker

What happens if you live and work in a big city? You still need to provide a daily activity for your dog, and a walker is a perfect solution. Not only will he or she ensure your dog gets her daily exercise, but it also serves for building doggie socialization skills. Your pup will be around other dogs and in settings where there's potentially a lot of people. She'll also get to see and hear all kinds of new stimuli which is fun and will tire her out. A dog walker is one of the best ways for your pet to get exercise on days when you're stuck at work, and can't get her to the park.

Live Up to Your Promise

Part of being a dog owner is living up to your promise to take good care of him. If your dog doesn't get the exercise he needs, or eat the right kind of food, he'll gain pounds that could lead to health problems. Starting today, take an honest assessment of his fitness level and what he's eating, and make the proper adjustments. Always be vigilant of his health and never miss vet appointments. Your dog will thank you for these healthy changes by giving you many years of joy and c
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