5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Active And Fit

Obesity is the most common health threat your dog can suffer from. Even if your dog’s weight isn’t an issue, your pet needs a certain level of daily activity to remain agile and happy. Walking is always the best way to keep your dog healthy and yourself as well.


Walking outside is a way for dogs to get moving, beat boredom and enjoy a social life sniffing other dogs. Undoubtedly, there are different ways you can keep your pet active and fit. The following are five healthy, natural, and entertaining options for you to try.


Consider giving your dog CBD


Cannabinol (CBD) is a natural compound extracted from the same plant species as marijuana. The difference between these two cannabinoids is that while marijuana makes users high because of its high THC level, hemp-derived CBD cannot make you high, nor can you overdose from it.


A safer alternative to marijuana, many users are trying CBD to ease chronic and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia. This cannabinoid is safe enough to administer to dogs as well. It is gentler on the organs than traditional medication, and it can help your dog be less anxious and more energetic.


The dose varies from one subject to the other, and it’s best to consult a medical professional before giving CBD to your dog. You’ll find that your dog is more likely to ingest CBD than other medications because it comes in many forms. High-quality CBD brands such as Sunday Scaries have a range of products from oil tinctures to edibles.

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Invest in the right toys


Dogs will play with almost anything—including your favorite pair of shoes, but you can always invest in toys that keep them on the go, such as balls and bones. For an added challenge, try food dispensing toys. These types of toys will get your dog off his feet and running around, manipulating the toy to get some food out of it.


Food dispensing toys are an excellent daily challenge for your dog, especially if you’re out of the house most of the day and wish to keep your dog active. If your pet is into food more than activity, food dispensing toys are excellent to get your pet working for his food.

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Teach your pet to do chores


Chores aren’t the highlight of our day, but they could be if you get your dog to help. Consider this option when you need an assistant in your life, but you can’t afford to pay for one. In return, you will keep your dog on his feet and moving about.


You can train your dog to hold your toothpaste and squeeze some on your brush first thing in the morning—now that will make you feel like royalty. You could also tie a towel on the refrigerator’s knob and train your dog to get items from the fridge, such as beer or water.


It depends on how ambitious you are and how confident you are in your pet’s abilities, but really, you could teach your dog to assist you in many things. All you need is time, patience, and his favorite treats to succeed in training.



Create an obstacle course


Obstacle courses are fun for dogs, and they are the perfect option if you are housebound because of the pandemic. If you don’t mind messing up the house a little for the sake of your dog, create an obstacle course and make your pet work for his food.


Remember to make it fun and keep adding new challenges so your dog can learn new tricks. You can have your dog wiggle his way around your legs to get to the next point or stack your sofa cushions for your dog to jump over.


The right sized table is a great contender for an obstacle course to get your dog to pass from under it, and your kids’ seesaw can be the ultimate challenge for balance. There are inflatable balls that your dog can push and hula hoops for him to jump through.



Go for bubbles


When you have zero energy to get moving, let alone make your dog move, then there are always bubbles to keep your pet entertained. You don’t even have to blow the bubbles if you can’t bother. Bubble machines can do so efficiently.


Bubbles blown in the air are always entertaining, especially for the youngest pups. These tiny shapes will make your dog jump in the air and moving around your house until he obliterates every bubble. The only disadvantage of bubbles is that they make floors slippery because of the liquid soap, so if possible, consider using the bubble machine outdoors in your backyard or front porch.


Dogs are the best pets to keep us active, but sometimes, we need to be the ones to get them going. Physical activity is a crucial part of your dog’s life, and it’s vital to commit to your pet’s health. After all, no one on this e
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