5 Ways to Give Your Dog the Best Life

Taking amazing care of your dog requires some considerable effort, but you know that your dog is worth it. You adore your furry family member, and it’s important to you that he or she has the very best life with you possible. Here are some ways that you can give your dog a great quality of life and help him or her to stay healthy for years to come.

1. Feed Your Dog Excellent Food

Dogs tend to seem a little food-obsessed, and they really love mealtimes. If your dog doesn’t exhibit a strong interest in his or her food or gives you a sad look when he or she sniffs what you’ve put out to eat, there may be a good reason why. A lot of big name dog foods are made with substandard ingredients. The manufacturer’s goal is to produce the cheapest product possible rather than the best tasting or healthiest product possible. Get your dog a good that’s formulated by a veterinarian and contains all-natural ingredients. Excellent food will help assure that your dog gets the enjoyment out of meal time that he or she should, and it provides your dog with optimal nutrition. Dr. Marty Nature's Blend reviews report increased interest in meals, better energy levels, and improved overall health.

2. Provide Continuous Access to Fresh and Cold Water

Dogs need to stay well-hydrated to stay healthy. They don’t want to drink water that’s been sitting out all day. Stagnant water has an odor that’s particularly noticeable to a dog’s amazing sense of smell. Don’t wait until a water dish is nearly empty to refill it. Every time that you refresh your drink, you should refresh your dog’s water bowl as well. Your dog will prefer being able to drink cold and oxygenated water rather than tepid and stale water. If you have to leave your dog at home while you go to work, consider getting a pet fountain. The sound of running water may encourage your dog to drink more often.

3. Go the Vet for Wellness Exams

Some dogs will duck for cover or have a barking tantrum when they realize a fun car trip’s destination is the veterinarian’s office. Even though it may pain you to subject your dog to anything that can provoke anxiety, regular trips to the vet are essential for his or her well-being. Wellness exams can help detect problems early on while they’re easiest to treat and before they cause your dog considerable discomfort.

4. Be Attentive to Your Dog’s Oral Health

Unfortunately, it’s relatively common for even the most devoted pet owners to overlook the importance of maintaining dogs’ oral health. Contrary to popular belief, dogs’ mouths are not self-cleaning. Their teeth need to be cleaned just as people’s teeth do. Try to get your dog into the habit of brushing early on in life so he or she won’t find it too objectionable. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste that’s specially designed for dogs. Reward your dog with a treat after he or she sits still and opens wide for brushing. Also, dental treats can help teeth stay free of plaque and tartar buildup. They have a porous surface that collects buildup as it rubs against dogs’ teeth while they chew. Paying attention to your dog’s oral health will help you to spare your dog from potentially painful conditions such as gingivitis, infections, and tooth abscesses.

5. Have Lots of Playtime Together

Physical activity is important for your dog’s strength and mobility, but it also makes your dog feel happy. Dogs love to play, so be sure to indulge your dog with opportunities to play his or her favorite games on a regular basis. Furthermore, playtime is a great way to spend quality time together. There are few things that your dog loves more than playing with his or her favorite human. Ultimately, a little playtime everyday will help your dog stay engaged and stimulated as well as physically healthy.

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