5 Tips For Bringing Your Dog To The Coffee Shop

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Taking your dog for your morning walk is one of the many things you do in canine care. But your pup is a social animal who wants to explore more of the world. A coffee shop is one of his favorite hang-out zones, but your four-legged friend may not have the calm and patience when out and about.

Pet care brings many responsibilities, from grooming and eating to health and hygiene. It may not be workable to have a dog trainer available for your dog’s daily outings. Here is how to make your energetic dog behave well at coffee shops and enjoy the adulation.

1.   Train Your Dog On Dining Habits.

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You may have seen well-behaved pooches in outdoor restaurants sitting quietly at their master’s feet during the meal. To get the same experience with your pup at home, get your puppy to lie quietly at your feet while you dine. Familiarize your pet with dining etiquette for a few days. Dogs are fast learners, and when you find them observing the dining etiquette at home, they are ready to go outside as decent companions.      

With coffee shops providing pet-friendly eating areas, you can sit back in a pet-friendly café and treat your furry animal to a special menu. Your pooch can chill over a dog-friendly beer as you enjoy freshly brewed moments in a coffee glass. Remember to take along a water bowl to your dining place to ensure your pup has drinking water access.

2.   Check Dog Entry Rules In Cafés.

Pet entry is the first thing to check in restaurants and eateries before taking your dog along. According to law, states in the United States, as of 2020, welcome dogs in restaurants’ outdoor patios. This is subject to state law or administrative regulation.

Dogs’ entry in restaurants comes under a ban unless they are service animals. However, in many cities, pet owners and lawmakers consider allowing dogs in outdoor areas and restaurants. Dog fur may cause asthma and allergies to the diners with sinus, cold, and cough issues, so your dog’s health record plays a vital role in their restaurant entry. Research pet health and hygiene policies of eateries before taking your dog along. In pandemic times, coffee houses may make dog masks mandatory apart from a leash.                 

3.   Socialize Your Dog.

A coffee shop is a great place to socialize for yourself and your dog. However, your dog may not know socializing rules. Train your dog using verbal and visual communication to induce flexible behavior. Allow your dog to walk with other dogs in your neighborhood. Set up regular walks with other dog owners. This will help your pet pick up relevant social cues when to bark and when to stay quiet.

Your dog is a social animal like you. Make them learn from experiences to sounds, crowds, public transport, and other dogs or pets. Once your dog gets beginner’s tips of the outdoor world and places, he will adjust well to the café setting. Take your dog to a grocery store and a music shop to tune him to two different voice spectrums. Plan his outings so that he gets to see and smell good things and develop café vibes.

4.   Feed Your Pups Before Your Café Visit.

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Not all dining places will welcome your puppy to sit and eat with you. Pet travel and hygiene policies vary from state to state, especially after the pandemic. It is inappropriate for your pet to keep sitting outside and alone in hot weather while you are dining in a fancy and relaxed ambiance.

So, before reaching your eating place, feed your doggo with his staple diet and water, and walk him around in your residential area. If the cafeteria has a provision for dog food, you may order meaty snacks and watch your pup enjoy his restaurant meal. Pets can’t sit quietly with hunger pangs, filling their tummy with bacon slices, scrambled eggs, and ice cream.

5.   Take Fun Toys Along For Your Pup.

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Your dining time at the restaurant can be longer when you are with friends and guests. Keeping your pup busy and diverted during your eating hours is a challenge.    

Take some chewable toys with you to entertain your doggie while you dine with your business friends. Invest in a chew toy that doesn’t make squeaky noise. Talk to the cafeteria’s administrative staff before to help you keep a check of your dog’s activities in the restaurant. Keep your pet involved in an activity of his like for a trouble-free eating date.

Final Verdict

Try to keep your pet’s first co-visit to a restaurant in the afternoon to pre-evening hours. Take your pup to a pet-friendly environment with a relaxed ambiance for a happy and satisfying experience. Dress your dog in a smart doggie attire and make him feel comfortable and privileged at the dining table.

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