Summer is supposed to be a time for fun in the sun, but as the temperatures rise, it can be tempting to stay indoors, kicked back on the couch watching Netflix or Hulu. For your pet, this means they're going to obediently lay at your feet and veg out with you. But, that's no good for Fido, and it's not good for you either. Instead of letting the summer heat waste you, take this opportunity to enjoy things you might not have been able to when it was cold. Here are some ideas to get you started.

running dog

  1. Let Them Swim

Dogs are natural swimmers and love taking a dip on a hot day. Not only are pools are a great form of exercise for people, but they are a great source of exercise for your pets as well. If you don't have a pool, there are many options available for your budget, and it's possible you qualify for a pool loan which can make the expense easier to handle.

While Fido is swimming, teach your cat to swim, too. Showing your kitty how to swim could possibly save its life if a mishap should ever happen. It's likely your cat will never want to swim again, but there are some cat breeds who are known to enjoy water.

  1. Regularly Walk Your Dog

Dogs are prone to obesity from staying indoors all the time just like humans. Both of you can benefit from a daily exercise routine. Start with a mile walk and see where that takes you. Likely, you'll want to expand your explorations and will eventually lengthen the time you spend outdoors together. Dogs love the new smells and other dogs they meet on these small excursions. It's important to plan your walk in the early morning or after the sun sets so that neither of you overheat.

  1. Leash Your Cat, too

The outside world is a dangerous place for your kitty. Because cats like to roam they are susceptible to finding life-endangering trouble, such as fights, disease and getting trapped in storage sheds and garages. It's normally best to keep your cat indoors where it is safe. But, you could allow for some outside time as long as it is supervised. A cat harness will allow your kitty to explore under your care while soaking up vitamins from the sun's rays.

  1. Take Them With You to the Pet Store

Just about every pet store allows pet moms and dads to bring their furry friends with them when shopping in their stores as long as they are on a leash. This is a great way to get your dog or cat out of the house for a new place to explore. A pet store is full of interesting smells that peak the curiosity of your animal friend. Leash them to the cart and let them lead the way as you pick up dog food and other necessities. While your cat isn't likely to lead the way, it will also enjoy the adventure.

  1. Visit Your Local Dog Park

Unfortunately, Felix will have to sit this one out. His kind aren't wanted around here. But, the dog park is an excellent source of exercise and fun for your canine. It's also good to teach him or her that it's okay to play nice with other dogs. Most dog parks have toys dogs can jump on and play on to keep them entertained.

Summer is a great time for you to stay active and build memories with your pet, but remember, the summer heat can be dangerous for pets, too. When spending any significant time outdoors, make sure you provide plenty of water for your pet. Also, avoid walking them on sun-exposed sidewalks because high temperatures on sidewalks can leave burns on the paddings of your pets feet. Meeting their safety is just as important as making sure they get good exercise.