5 Hiking Places To Take Your Dog To

If you love your pet, you are indeed looking for more fun with it. Fortunately, this is not a complex thing considering the different adventurous trips you can take together. All you need to do is identify potential destinations that would make an excellent choice for your furry friend. One of the most common activities would be hiking, as long as you stick to safe and fun places for the dog.

Below are exciting suggestions that make a perfect choice for pets. Consider them for your next fun trip with your dogs.

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1.   Choose a Simple Terrain


Don’t be quick to search online just because the idea came to your mind. You need to find out if this is something that you genuinely want to do and is worth it. Go for small hills or mountains with defined terrains to avoid exhausting the dog. Note that hiking is not the easiest thing to do, even for your dog. For instance, you can observe some of the tips on how to climb Denali with your dog and pick the right season and dates.

Prior preparation can help keep the dog in good shape and ensure that it does not give up midway. It is essential to understand your dog’s capabilities before subjecting it to strenuous exercise such as hiking. Just like people have different levels of resilience, dogs also differ in this aspect. Depending on how strong and resilient your dog is, choose a mountain or hill that will not be burdensome.

2.   Go to the Forest

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Does your dog love the green spaces in the park? If so, it will be a lot of fun in a forested area. Consider scouting for a pet-friendly forest and finds if there are any special requirements needed before venturing out. Make sure to pack enough snacks and water for the two of you since the dog will need to drink some water after a moment of hiking.

Choose spots with open spaces for the dog to run around or where the two of you can play fetch for a while to kill the boredom that comes with doing one thing continuously. If you are gone for a while, ensure that you pack a camping tent and sleeping bags just if you do not make it back in time. You can be sure your furry friend will enjoy spending some quiet night with you, especially if there are treats to be enjoyed over the fire. Plan properly to make this trip a success.

3.   Consider a National Park

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Most national parks have provisions with trails that are pet-friendly. In case you are stuck and are unsure of some of the exciting places your dog is likely to enjoy, and then pick a great national park near your home. With such defined terrains, you are sure that you will feel safe enough to venture deeper into the wild. Give your pet a feeling of the outdoors in a different manner than it is used to.

Research and ask around to know if there is such a spot to explore. Organize a picnic or play date with your dog’s favorite playmate and have the two meet at the national park. It would be great for both the dogs and dog owners to exchange ideas and catch up. Fortunately, several national parks around the world allow for such.

4.   Consider a Lake Region


One of the things pups enjoy most is playing with water. If your dog is such a water sports fan, this is a perfect hiking destination for the two of you. However, you must exercise caution and be sure that the lake is pet-friendly and that the waters are safe enough for them to play in it. You may find several dogs at the location if you visit at a good time. Be creative and come up with games that you can enjoy together while playing in the water.

Your dog will love fetching its stick in the water and also running around the sandy beach. Have a ball for it to keep it moving and enjoying the lake area. By the time you feel it’s enough, the chances are that your dog will still want some more and may even stay grounded and refuse to move if you do not insist. Most dogs love water and will have a lot of fun out here.

5.   Walk to Your Park

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When people think about hiking, they often consider complex forests with waterfalls or mountains and massive rocky rivers. However, this is not necessarily true or the only option for pets that want to have fun. Sometimes, it is not viable to travel to a mountain or hilly region with your dog. Whatever the reason, choosing your ideal hiking destination for your dog is essential.


You will be surprised that your local park can serve as an excellent hiking destination for your pet. Most of these parks have been made to accommodate different dog’s capacities. With simulated hilly areas, artificial waterfronts, and open fields, a large dog park is sometimes all you need to excite your dog. Spend a few hours in the park and get back home. What’s more, it is more convenient too.

Final Thoughts


Choosing the right hiking location for your dog does not have to be a complicated process. Consider locations near you before you travel far away since this is much more convenient and viable for you and your pet.

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