5 Great Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained In Quarantine

The pandemic situation owing to coronavirus is terrifying. And with the global lockdown, there is too little for us to do other than staying safe inside the four walls.

It turns a bit difficult when you own a pet dog. Various queries keep cropping inside the pet-owners' mind.Can they go out for a regular walk? Or how can they keep their buddies fully-entertained in the quarantine days?

But it should not bother you much. You and your four-legged partner will have a great time, while self-isolating. How about thinking of some tricks for entertainment of your pet pooch.

Both of you have ample time to cuddle and snuggle the entire day. Incorporate some activities to turn each day into a happening one. Right from the time you wake-up with your canine friend, till you both sleep, you can plan various means of entertainment during these quarantine days.

Read below the five great ways to get a notion of keeping your dog entertained during these quarantine days. 

  • Sniffing and searching Game:

quarantine dog


Put your dog's nose to work. Keep it thoroughly entertained for hours with this sniff and search game.

It is similar to hide and seek, which we humans have been playing for years. Hide those things that your pet buddy is familiar with.

Place their favorite things, like chewy toys, treats, or rubber balls in those places that are easily accessible.

All kudos to their active smelling sensors for which your pet buddy will not find it difficult to search for the hidden thing.

The entire game has a dual utility. Apart from getting entertained, your pet pooch will get familiar with the living area.

For instance, get an old rug and stash-in some treats in the four corners of the rug. Fold-in the edges and roll-up the same.

Command your pooch by telling 'find.' And enjoy watching him sniffing and searching his favorite treat.

This entire game will entertain your pet buddy thoroughly and also enriches their nose work.

  • Agility training



Utilize these quarantine days to the fullest. Try building a bond with your four-legged buddy. If you own a small courtyard or garden, take full advantage of the same.

Practice agility with them while encouraging your pet pup to jump-over the hoops, speed through the make-shift tunnels or climb over the see-saws.

These home-agility gears are readily available in various online sites and pet retail outlets. You can order and get them delivered at your door-step.

Agility makes your pooch obedient, and they keep following your commands for their rewards.

Also, stir the meditating soul within by practicing yoga with your pet partner and sounding a bit unusual, right?

But practicing ‘Doga’ with your pet buddy creates natural bonding. Doga is a smart blend of dog yoga, commonly pronounced for rhyming with 'yoga.'

Apart from bonding, it happens to be an excellent exercise to keep your pet buddy fit.

  • Teach them their toy’s names

Introducing new things to play always increases your pet dog's interest. It caters to a guaranteed joy to your four-legged partner, and they keep on exploring new territories.

Get hold of some toy that you can stuff with their favorite treats. To add a bit of twist, teach them the name of their favorite toys!

Isn't this concept an amazing one? Yes, indeed, the dog cannot communicate in English. But they do understand the same.

The entire concept will keep their grey cells active and entertained. Grab one of their favorite toys and repeat the name of it. Do this several times.

For instance, if you want your pooch to learn the term 'ball,' hold the object in your hand. Keep repeating its name.

Reward your pooch once he appreciates the purpose. When they get the know-how of the same, place the objects in a row and repeat the word.

Command them to recognize that particular object, and reward them with their favorite treat once they pick the right one.

Keep on changing the purposes, and teach them a new toy name daily. It can vary from a blanket to a teddy or a chewy bone.

This entire thing will occupy your lovable pooch for hours while enabling full-on entertainment.

  • Tug-Of-War

This particular game stands as an excellent entertainer for both your pooch and self. The rules of this game are simple. You have to grab your pet buddy's favorite toy, which is a bit stretchable. Any toy made of soft fabric will do the trick!

Get them to hold it with their teeth. The chances are bright that when they catch the thing, they will not want to leave it, and that is the time when the real fun begins. Your pet pooch will pick-up a small friendly fight while creating some resistance to save the toy.

Initiate a bit of interest by pulling the same from its mouth, then lean-off, and allow it to have it. Do not pull hard, as it might hurt its teeth. Continue doing this for a few rounds and entertain them for half an hour or so.

They will become tired after this entire activity and sleep-off early.





  • Pamper them with chewy dog-treats

boston pup


Entertain your pooch with something that lasts long. Give them their most-desired chewy treats as it lasts longer before they gobble it down.

These chewy treats come in various flavors and also act as a dental cleaner. Apart from dental cleaning, it reinforces their whites too.

And, these chewy sticks are far better and hygienic as compared to the real bones. So, you have all the reasons to keep this handy for your pet buddies during these quarantine days. 






Boredom therapy 

Now you have all the reasons to keep your adorable pooch busy the entire day. These tricks of entertaining those stands useful, and you can keep shuffling the ideas.

We all are going through tough times owing to the pandemic crisis. And there is no doubt in the very fact that our pet buddies too are facing the same. Both mentally and physically, it is taking a toll. And we are the ones who have to find a way to entertain our pet pooch.

Appreciating the entire situation and acting in accordance is the most sensible thing which we can do right at this moment.
The five ways mentioned earlier will surely ease a portion of your pet pooches' stress. Believe in happiness and contentment – and your quarantine days will pass away smoothly.


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