5 best CBD treats for pets

5 best CBD treats for pets

Not only humans suffer from health issues. Animals do too. Even if you would like to believe that they do not, pets are prone to anxiety, joint pain, and other issues. And they deserve as much care as any human does. After all, they are important family members too.  

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It might be a challenge to administer medication to them beca

use they do not like it’s taste. And pets are much too smart to fall prey to antics like mixing pills in their food. Side effects of medication is also another aspect to consider. This point is where you can turn to CBD for assistance. 


The CBD market for pets is growing simultaneously alongside CBD for humans. It is becoming quite challenging to choose which product to purchase. 


This article will try to help you in the selection process. Below is a list of the five best CBD treats for pets. 


    1. HolistaPet-Highest quality 

These treats are entirely organic. The base ingredient is hemp from Colorado. They offer treats not just for dogs but for cats and even horses too. All products are GMO-free, including superfood infusions, containing no gluten, and exciting flavors such as salmon.


    2. CBD American Shaman Doggy Snacks


They offer treats for dogs of all sizes. The treats consist of only nine ingredients, such as cinnamon, vanilla, hemp oil. Your dog will enjoy a wholesome physical and mental life if you give it these treats! Any weed store will have them in stock. 


    3. Elixinol Pet Releaf Edibites

 If you want good-quality merchandise that is also affordable, Elixinol Pet Releaf Edibites are an excellent choice. They offer treats that do not contain preservatives or fillers. A bonus is in their colourful and adorable packaging. 


    4. Fab CBD dog treats

 These treats are non-GMO and are made entirely from natural ingredients. They come in three flavors- Peanut Butter Apple, Salmon, and Chicken. Ingredients such as oats, flaxseed, chamomile, and bone broth make these treats a healthy option for your four-legged friends. 


   5. Charlotte’s Web 

Charlotte’s Web is one of the few pet CBD brands approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). Since the potency level is around 17mg, these treats are more suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. Products vary from calming chews to hip and joint chews.  




There are a plethora of pet treats that are in store for your furry friends. All that you will have to do is find out what your pet needs, and accordingly decide what to purchase. 


CBD treats are here to stay. And for good reasons. Pets love them. They are healthy for them. And your pets can receive therapeutic effects while enjoying their treats. You will not have to mix pills with their food anymore, which they will only try to expel as soon as they taste them. You can now feel assured that your pet is receiving the best care while also having their fun. 


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