4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

You love your dog like family, and you know that your dog thinks the world of you. Doing everything that you can to give your dog a great quality of life will make him or her both happier and healthier. Here are four ways that you can promote your dog’s health and happiness.

1. Feed Your Dog Well

Unfortunately, a lot of popular brands of dog food are made from substandard ingredients. The manufacturers want to make food as inexpensively as possible rather than making the best product possible. They use a lot of fillers and byproducts that can be difficult for dogs to digest. Using highly processed ingredients makes the food incapable of providing essential vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy.


Purchase a food that’s made from sustainably sourced and high-quality ingredients. Ideally, you should consider a food that’s formulated by a veterinarian. In addition to being healthier, better made food will also be a lot tastier for your dog. Dr Marty Pets Reviews from owners report that their dogs showed a lot more interest in meal times after they made the switch.

2. Give Your Dog Healthy Treats

If you could ask your dog what would make him or her happy, the answer might involve treats! You know that your dog loves to get a treat, but you also know that you have to moderate the number of treats your dog can have in a day.


Don’t fail to include treats in your dog’s typical day, and don’t scold your dog when he or she looks to you expectantly for a treat. Treats are a source of joy and pleasure that are important to your dog’s well-being. However, you should be careful about what treats you give your dog. When your dog really wants some of whatever you’re eating but you’re concerned that it wouldn’t be healthy, have a healthy alternative at the ready. Get some treats made of all-natural ingredients, and opt for a low-calorie option with high protein or fiber.

3. Help Your Dog Stay Active

Getting plenty of exercise is essential for your dog to maintain good muscle tone and joint health. Also, exercise helps your dog burn some calories and maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, exercise and playtime is important for your dog’s mental well-being. Playing is about more than having fun; it’s a natural instinct and it’s a key outlet for your dog’s energy.


Some breeds need more physical activity than others. In addition, exercise needs can change over time. Talk to your veterinarian about the right level of exercise for your dog based on breed, size, age, and any health conditions.

One of the best ways to give your dog some exercise is to go for walks. When you take your dog outside, don’t make the outing as quick as possible. Give your dog the opportunity to walk some distance, and do it a few times a day rather than just a couple of times a day. When there’s foul weather outside and you can’t take longer walks, get in some extra playtime so your dog has the chance to exercise and have some fun.

4. Go to the Veterinarian for Wellness Exams Regularly

Don’t wait until you think your dog may be experiencing a medical problem to see your veterinarian. Routine wellness exams are a fundamental part of helping your dog stay healthy. Your veterinarian can detect a potential issue before it begins to cause your dog to experience considerable discomfort or it becomes more difficult to treat. Healthy adult dogs may need to see the veterinarian about once a year. Puppies, senior dogs, or dogs with chronic health conditions may need to go in for checkups more often.

Ultimately, being attentive to your dog’s health and happiness will help to assure that he or she has a rich and full life with you. Make smart choices about food, keep your dog active, and stay engaged with your veterinary care provider to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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