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Valentines Pack - Home Spa Day
Warren London

Valentines Pack - Home Spa Day

$35.00 $56.00

Give your dog a spa day at home with our great Valentines Pack! Included are:

Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets - Soak their paws with a soothing fizz paw soak

Hydrating Butter - A moisturizing leave-in conditioner that leaves the skin and coat feeling soft and smelling amazing

Exfoliating Butter Wash - Replace your dog shampoo with our Butter Wash which is an ultra moisturizing shampoo made with natural jojoba beads that help to exfoliate the skin and coat

Ear Cleaner - Clean those ears, get rid of any wax, odor and dirt

Dog Nail Polish Pen - Color those doggy nails pink! Safe, Quick Dry and Easy to Do!

Nail Files - Get 1 nail file to help file them down after trimming the nails


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