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Warren London

Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial For Dogs

Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial For Dogs

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Size: 8 oz

  • Facial Dog Shampoo- This Gentle Dog Face Cleaner is as mild as a Tearless Puppy Shampoo. It rejuvenates all color hair & fur, and is strong enough to cut thru the grime as a Dog Tear Stain Remover for White Dogs or Dog Beard Shampoo.
  • All Ages & Breeds- This dog face shampoo works on all angel K9s even the tough breeds! Use for maltese whitening shampoo, or refresh those squishface breeds as a bulldog facial wash.
  • Cucumber Melon Scent- This facial dog shampoo is infused with an odor neutralizing scent that does not over power. Don't irritate your pup's eyes and snout with a generic coconut shampoo or blueberry facial for dogs.
  • Easy and Thorough Application- Ditch the facial wipes for dogs and give your pet the cleaning it deserves with this facial dog shampoo tearless formula. Can be used with washcloths for dogs or a tear stain remover comb for small dogs.
  • Dog Spa Quality At Home- Don't wait for the paw spa when you can round out your dog washing station for home with this special dog shampoo. Made in USA with essential oils. Detergent free.

Directions:  After wetting your dog's face, pump foaming facial into your hand or cloth. Slowly apply the products to the outer ears, face and neck.  Slowly massage into face in a circular motion for up to two minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat for best results.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, A Mild Surfactant Blend which is Detergent Free, Cucumber and Melon Extract, Essential Oils

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