Q&A For Critter Color

Q: How do I apply Critter color?
A: There is many ways to apply our product, You can use a latex glove, pour it into a spray bottle, use a tint brush or an air brush system. Once you applied the color to region you want, simply blow dry the hair, use a low setting similar to that of a regular household blow dryer. This is to insure you do not splatter the color onto areas you do not want to color.  Once the fur is dry you are finished. Do not rinse from the coat.  For professional groomers, once you get the hair past the splatter stage you can up the velocity of the dryer speed. 

Q: Can I apply this when the coat is wet?
A: Yes, You can apply the product to a lightly damp coat or dry coat, do not rinse the product afterwards, Simply apply and dry.

Q: Can I adjust the shade of the color?

A:  You can adjust the color depth with Critter Color, if your first application isn't the desired result after dried, simply apply another layer until you obtain the color you wish, or mix several colors together and make your own crazy Critter Color. 

Q: Why isn't the color the exact shade on my dog as it is in the Jar?

A: Because in the Jar, it is in it's most concentrated form. 

Q: How long will the color last?
A:  That depends on many factors; (1) the texture of the pets coat (2) if you applied any heat at the time of application, even a vigorous towel drying can open the hair shafts. (3) The climate in your region. 

In short, the colors could start fading out after a few days up to a few weeks.  The more applications you apply the longer the color will last.  Normally color washes out in 1-3 washings.  However, if you apply multiple layers the product may produce a semi-permanent affect.  Also note that color may stay longer in certain spots on the pet, this is because even though we see the pets coat as uniform, in reality there is wear and tear spots that we simply can not detect with our natural eye, in these areas the color may last longer due to the hair being more porous.  For example a pet may chose to lay on one side of their body more than the other side, thus the side that is laid on more frequently will have more porous hair. 

Q: Why does it take so long to dry?

4.) Critter color may take slightly longer to dry than a normally wet coat, that is due to our formulation and ultra safe ingredients.

Q: How can I use this color in a Air brush?
5.) Dilute product that is suitable for use in your airbrush system.  In our trials it is about 25% dilution rate.  Typically when you use an airbrush system you will not have to blow dry the product afterwards. 

Q: Can I can use the product in a pump spray bottle?
A: Yes, simply pour contents into your favorite spray bottle and spritz the color on, apply a small amount of blow drying to set the color or until it is dry to the touch.  If our product is to thick to go through your spray pump add small amount of water until you get a good flow. 

Q: This product is really just for pets?
A: Yes, for pets only, our product was made only for pets in mind, our formulation is pH balanced at 7.0   A dog's skin pH runs the spectrum from 6.2 to 8.62 , in cats from 5.6 to 7.4, horse from 4.8 to 6.8  (just dilute by 5 %) or use on a damp coat and allow to dry naturally. 

Q: Once the product is on my pet will it rub off on my furniture, carpet etc?

A: Typically no, but that goes without saying if you have a pet that likes to face scoot, roll and grind themselves into the carpet, there is always a chance.  However, in our trials though out the years prior to this product being on the market in the testing phase; we never encountered that problem of color transferring onto another surface once the color was set.  If you pet becomes saturated from a dip in puddle, rain or pool, we suggest you dry your pet before allowing the pet onto items such as carpet, bedding and sofas.

Q:  Will this product stain my clothes or skin?
A: Yes, this product in the wet state , has the ability to stain items such as clothes, towels, and other cotton or fibrous type items. Always use away from these types of items.

Q: What if my pet licks this product?

A:  Our formulation isn't meant to be food.  However, we went through extreme safety precautions when formulating our product.  Simply self grooming should not have any affect on a pet if ingested. However, we warn that you do not allow the pet to enjoy an entire jar of critter color.  Our formulation is very safe, but like other liquid grooming products, call a vet immediately if they digest this product from the jar.

Q: Can I use the product on my dogs face?
A: We suggest that when using our product do a patch test on the under belly of the pet to see if there is any reaction first, wait 24 hours.  While we do not suggest that the face be colored, if the product does get in the pets eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes . If your pet has any reaction discontinue use and contact your local veterinarian and seek medical attention. 

Q: I don't see my question listed here 
A: Submit your question to Info@Warrenlondon.com