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Dog Dematting and Detangler Spray - Leave In Conditioner
Warren London

Dog Dematting and Detangler Spray - Leave In Conditioner


  • Dog Conditioner Specially Formulated to Remove Matts and Tangles from Dog Coat - Works like magic to make the toughest of knots manageable and slicker to brush. Applies as a spray but penetrates the coat like a premium dog lotion.
  • Easy To Apply - Ideal to apply after bath or shampoo, but can be applied to a damp coat. Spray onto clean damp coat and let sit for a minute. Gently pull matted areas with any dog brush, pet comb, or pet grooming glove. Continue to brush through, and rinse only if desired.
  • Professionally Formulated By Dog Groomers - This is the right stuff to add to your dog grooming kit as it compliments most dog grooming supplies. Use with common dematting tools for dogs coat including specialty accessories like dog brushes for shedding, dog clippers for thick coats, or specialty grooming shaver, shears, scissors, or trimmer.
  • Sweet Yet Subtle Vanilla Scent - This pet conditioner smells great! It functions as a dog spray deodorizer. Acts as a deodorant even on the smelliest of pets. Your K9 buddy will be a bundle of furry freshness after the next bath!
  • Natural Hypoallergenic Formula using Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, and Mineral Oil - Free from Detergents, Alcohol, and Parabens - Puppy Safe - Made in USA

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