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Top 5 Ways To Throw Party For Your Dog's Birthday

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We all know that dogs are family. And family members’ birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Dog birthdays are extra special because one year equals seven, so there’s every reason to go all out. And the best thing about a dog's birthday is that it will always be a surprise party because, let’s face it, dogs don’t know how to follow the calendar. It’s fun to take one day out of the year and pamper your pooch to the point that he’ll think he’s died and gone to doggy heaven. So, round up all the party pups in your ‘hood; get...

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It's a Dog's Life: What Your Dog Needs for Its Best Life

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Dog's make lives better. Whether they are snuggling with you on a three dog night, hanging out the car window, or chasing their own tails, a dog can bring a smile to the worst day. It's only fair that their owners make sure they have long and healthy lives. Dogs don't need much besides the people who love them, but there are a few things you should do to keep your dog its happiest and healthiest.   Prevent and Treat Infection It used to be that people only had to worry about parasites in the area where they lived. People...

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Four Keys to Giving Your Dog a Healthy Life

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You love your dog, and you want him to have the healthiest, happiest life possible. Fortunately, making that happen isn’t complicated. With a good diet, weight management, exercise and regular veterinary care, your dog will be his best self. Food and Supplements What you feed your dog affects all of his physical functions. By providing a healthy diet that is rich in high quality foods, you’re giving your dog’s body the tools it needs to build stronger bones and muscles. Good nutrition can stave off the development of infections, skin conditions and digestive issues, as well as grave problems like...

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