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Top 5 Ways To Throw Party For Your Dog's Birthday

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We all know that dogs are family. And family members’ birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Dog birthdays are extra special because one year equals seven, so there’s every reason to go all out. And the best thing about a dog's birthday is that it will always be a surprise party because, let’s face it, dogs don’t know how to follow the calendar. It’s fun to take one day out of the year and pamper your pooch to the point that he’ll think he’s died and gone to doggy heaven. So, round up all the party pups in your ‘hood; get...

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Dog's Health In 2021

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Whether you are a first-time dog owner or a seasoned puppy parent, your pet relies on you for care and safety. Part of loving your dog is keeping it healthy, and doing that means forming healthy habits for Fido and sticking to them. Here are 5 steps to ensure your dog is well and happy all year long. 1. Find a Good Veterinarian It may seem obvious, but you want to find a vet who loves animals. Pay attention to your vet’s bedside manner as well as medical competency while treating your pup.  Make and keep those once-a-year appointments for...

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5 Ways to Give Your Dog the Best Life

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Taking amazing care of your dog requires some considerable effort, but you know that your dog is worth it. You adore your furry family member, and it’s important to you that he or she has the very best life with you possible. Here are some ways that you can give your dog a great quality of life and help him or her to stay healthy for years to come. 1. Feed Your Dog Excellent Food Dogs tend to seem a little food-obsessed, and they really love mealtimes. If your dog doesn’t exhibit a strong interest in his or her food...

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