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5 Activities For Exercising With Your Energetic Dog

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Having a dog keeps you young, healthy and fit, so it’s important you strive to do the same for them. Some dogs are happy to lay around and live their best couch-potato lives, but most breeds require at least moderate physical exercise to avoid behavioral problems in your home. If your dog is high-energy, you need a strategy for managing the madness. Here are five activities you can do together for bonding, fitness and mental stimulation.  1. Agility Training Agility is a sport that requires connection and coordination between dog and owner. You'll guide your hound through a series of...

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Top 5 Ways To Throw Party For Your Dog's Birthday

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We all know that dogs are family. And family members’ birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Dog birthdays are extra special because one year equals seven, so there’s every reason to go all out. And the best thing about a dog's birthday is that it will always be a surprise party because, let’s face it, dogs don’t know how to follow the calendar. It’s fun to take one day out of the year and pamper your pooch to the point that he’ll think he’s died and gone to doggy heaven. So, round up all the party pups in your ‘hood; get...

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6 Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog This Winter

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Winter is near. But just because the weather has or is about to cool down doesn’t mean the dog-friendly activities have to come to a halt. While there are plenty of activities you can enjoy with your pup throughout the season, here are six ideas to get you started. 1. Hold a Winter Photoshoot Grab those holiday sweaters and say "cheese!" Winter is the perfect time to hold a photo shoot. And because you already enjoy spending time with your pets, preserve those memories — and capture the magic and whimsy of the holiday season — by snapping some sappy...

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