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5 Activities For Exercising With Your Energetic Dog

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Having a dog keeps you young, healthy and fit, so it’s important you strive to do the same for them. Some dogs are happy to lay around and live their best couch-potato lives, but most breeds require at least moderate physical exercise to avoid behavioral problems in your home. If your dog is high-energy, you need a strategy for managing the madness. Here are five activities you can do together for bonding, fitness and mental stimulation.  1. Agility Training Agility is a sport that requires connection and coordination between dog and owner. You'll guide your hound through a series of...

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Nashville to Phoenix: A Road Trip for You and Your Pooch

dog trip

Getting ready to spend some time on the road with man's best friend? Before you hit the road, there’s some leg work you'll need to do. Pack plenty of dog bags: It’s your duty to pick up the doody. It’s a courtesy to others around you and to the businesses you frequent. Bring extra water: Your road trip is bound to wind through some desolate, desert areas, so extra water is a must. Get an oil change: No road trip should start without one; after all, you'll want to make sure your vehicle is in good condition on vast stretches...

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