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Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Potty Training

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Adding a furry family member to your home is an amazing next step in building your family. While playful puppy antics will be sure to bring you plenty of laughs and joy, it is important to understand that potty training will be a key component of your pup’s life. Make sure you are prepared for this next adventure by keeping these factors in mind with your dog’s potty training process, hopefully presenting you with a smoother process. Housing Situation Your housing circumstances can influence your process, as potty train a puppy in an apartment can vary significantly to training in...

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5 Ways to Turn Your Naughty Pup into a Good Dog

bad dog dog training

Adopting a dog can be very similar to parenting two-legged kids—it takes a lot of time, consistency and boundaries. While some dogs are inherently more cheeky and rambunctious than others, even the most well-behaved pup will probably act up from time to time. In order to help transform your beloved Fido into a great dog that is easy to have around, try the following tips: Install an In-Home Camera Sometimes, our four-legged friends will get into all sorts of mischief while we are away from home. One of the best ways to see what is going on when we are...

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