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Keep Your Dog Occupied and Well-Fed

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When it comes to dogs, it doesn't take much to make them happy. A walk, a short ride in the car or a treat of any kind can practically make them delirious with joy.   Providing your dog with the following innovations can keep your furry friend happy, busy and nutritionally fed even when you can't be there. Teeth Health and Chewing Encouragement A concern for many dog owners is keeping the teeth of their pets healthy. The alternative is potential pain for your dog, lost teeth and expensive bills for you. A way to help avoid this chain of...

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Current Trends in Dog Food

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One hundred years ago, no one wondered what to feed their dog. In those days, dogs most often lived outside and were fed table scraps and bones. Modern dog owners have many choices and a lot of pressure to do the right thing.   Frozen Frozen raw dog food may be the ideal food for your canine, but it is definitely not the easiest. Alternately, some dog owners stock up on raw meat at their supermarket and freeze it themselves. Apparently, organ meat is ideal for your dog, but not for you, if you're the squeamish type. Some owners cook...

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How to Figure Out If Your Dog Should Eat Wet or Dry Food

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As a new pet owner, you may be wondering what you should feed your dog. There are hundreds of options, but every brand is slightly different in both price and what is in the food. You may be wondering what ingredients are best for your dog or why grains are included in any dog diet. However, the biggest question most new pet owners have is around figuring out if their dog should eat wet or dry food.

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6 Ways to Give Your Dog's House the Ultimate Makeover

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If you have a dog that spends lots of time outside, it's a good idea to give him shelter to protect him from the elements and the heat and cold. Here are 6 easy things you can do to give your best friend the outdoor palace that he deserves. Give Easy Access to Food and Water If you plan to leave your dog outdoors for extended periods of time, ensure that he has access to plentiful amounts of water. You should also make food accessible depending on how long you intend on keeping your pet outside. Dogs can become dehydrated...

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