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5 Herbal Ways To Treat Your Dog's Injuries

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Every pet owner can understand that no matter the precautions, canines are prone to injuries. From cuts, wounds, scraps to severe bone injuries, furry friends may experience several issues due to their active lifestyle.   Source:   It is always advisable to visit your veterinarian to receive proper treatment. But you can also learn some tricks to treat common injuries at home.  Some herbal home remedies can be beneficial to cater to these issues. Here we will explore five potent herbs that can treat injuries in your dogs.  1. Lavender Oil Lavender essential oil exhibits powerful healing properties. It...

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Easy Ways to Control Anxiety in Dogs

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Anxiety is not a disorder peculiar to humans alone. Our canine friends can suffer from this as well. There are many things that can trigger anxiety in dogs. However, the good news is that anxiety can be treated the same way other unhealthy dog behaviors like biting and chewing are treatable. Even if you cannot completely cure their anxiety, it can be managed effectively given the right circumstances. People with dogs suffering from anxiety will find this post helpful and explore several proven ways to help an anxious dog. Before then, however, we will examine anxiety in dogs and its...

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3 Best Ways Cannabis Can Help With Pet Injuries

dog cbd   3 Best Ways Cannabis Can Help With Pet Injuries An acute type of sadness overwhelms us when our pets suffer an injury. Our cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, or other pets may not be able to explain in words how much pain they are in, but the look in their eyes or behaviour is enough to break our hearts.   So when they are in such pain, it is natural to want to do something proactive to get them to feel better and get them back to their old selves. Cannabis can help with this. Traditionally associated with stoners,...

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