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Pest Patrol: Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs

There’s so much to love about warm weather for your pets. They can spend more time getting healthier—running and playing, investigating parks and outdoor spaces.

But there’s also a danger to pets during warm-weather, outdoor time: fleas and ticks. Fleas, of course, can happen any time of the year, but ticks are primarily a risk during hotter temperatures.

Luckily if your beloved pet does get an infestation of fleas or ticks, there are several different options that you can use to rid them of these worrisome pests.

Many people are familiar with topical treatments; these are applied to the skin and absorbed to provide a body barrier to fleas and ticks. Shampoos are another treatment for pets, but it often must be used with other treatments and may have to be applied more than one time.

Are you interested in learning more about repelling these pests, or dealing with them if you have an infestation? This graphic can help.

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