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Facebook Dog Contest

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Thanks to everyone that posted pictures of their dogs! We had so many great pictures to go through.  The first 10 pictures numbered 1-10 have won a free nail polish pen! Please email us at the color of your choice as well as your address.  The colors you can choose from can be found here: Dog Nail Polish Pens.  

#1 Caiti Hearns

#2 Leslie Dover

#3 Katt Mills

#4 Christina Elizabeth

#5 Marite Trill Poncedeleon

#6 Sara Bethany Snodgrass

#7 Tori Gamboa

#8 Kaitlyn Jetton

#9 Chelsea Mcgrath

#10 Sara Dinsmore


And the rest of the great photos!



Any photos entered may be used for marketing materials. If you do not want your picture posted, please let us know. Thanks for all the entries. 

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