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Halloween Dog Photo Contest 2013

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We have so many exciting pictures entered into our Halloween Dog Photo Contest!  Any dog related Halloween picture which contains a costume, nail polish and/or fur dye!  You may enter the contest by emailing the picture to us at or by posting on our Facebook Wall!  First Place will win $100 to the Warren London website, 2nd Place wins $50 and 3rd Place win $25!  Winners will be announced November 2nd. Good Luck!!!



Daisy's Halloween Nail Art sent in by Jessica!  Looks great!


2nd Place!


Toby Sent in from Tyler in California!

Third Place! 

Sent in by Amanda Morrisey, this is Axel with the Bat Halloween theme along with her painted nails!


Great Photo sent in by Lexie the Groomer!  



Dogs, Prince Charlie and Lady Ashley, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, posing next to pumpkins that Joanne Polyak and her husband carved into the likeness of their faces....!!!!



Bonsai and his candy corn nails sent in by Becki Giles!  



This is Zoey with her Orange Halloween ears!


Miss Sparkles sent in by Pamela Gross showing off her dog in her costume along with her Warren London Blue Nail Polish!


This is Jemma sent in by Lisa Alford with her great costume for Halloween!!!



 This is Molly and Patches dressed as the holy nun and holy pope sent in by Anthony


This is Toby sent in from Christine!


This is goldendoodle Brody. He is dressed like his mom and his best buddies (her soldiers). His name is Brody, but you can call him SGT Doodle reporting for trick or treat duty!



Haiku started out as the saddest little unicorn, so now she's going trick or treating as a pretty princess. A rather serious pretty princess sent in by Beth!


Leo the Candy Corn sent in by Erin!


Brumley the Bulldog sent in by Joy!


Sent in by Michelle!


 Here are two pictures. Both are pomeranians and small one name is Cher and wore a nurse and another one is Jambo and wore a police dog. Sent in by Lourdes and Joe, the owner. 


Our Names: Bonnie and Beth Abelew
Dogs Names: Phoenix and Gryphon. The game of Candyland has come to life. Gryphon is King Kandy, standing in front of his special Candy Castle. Phoenix is Princess Lolly, living happily in the Lollipop Woods.  The pair are standing on the Candyland gameboard, all ready for the game to begin!



A picture of my dog Roger (4yo Boxer) for your Halloween contest. He dressed as a scuba diver this year. The outfit was homemade with some simple household items and cardboard. Sent in by Janna Turner.


The scary fishspoos out on the prowl this Halloween this is isis 2yr old standard poodle. Sent in by Kristina White.


marsha vesnefskie pumpkin patch





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